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  1. Gryttjom DZ / Sweden 2014 Season is over now but for 2015 summer it is really cool place to swoop!! Thanks, jussi ---Ubi est actio hic?---
  2. Yes Topi recommend short lines. Jussi ---Ubi est actio hic?---
  3. Here in Finland is another rotation team called "Häjyt" ( which has also shortened lines on they Tri's Jussi ---Ubi est actio hic?---
  4. I usually set my breaks right after landing to avoid twist on steering line and to speedup packing. For my crw canopy there are no breaks to set so it is just easy and fast packing after landing. jussi ---Ubi est actio hic?---
  5. Our rotation team jumps 99 and 120 sizes. 120 sized have 50 cm shorter lines than factory set and 99 have 45 cm shorter lines than factory set. No Aerodyne doesn't offer such modification from factory line sets have been made by local rigger. They fly well and turn really really fast, we have also larger size x sliders, so canopies can spread more than they would with regular sliders and shorter lines. We bought these babies from Romme Rotation CF team ( and they seemed to do quite well on last world champion competition in Malewsky cup so you may say that there are some benefit jumping with shorter lines. Our team used to do rotation with notorious Express canopies from behind before we switched to these fast and switchy Tri's and shasee with so many changes it is hard to say, but in theory shorter lines shorter formation quicker rotations. And yes landings are somehow affected. With shorter lines our tri's have really positive recovery arc and they tend to level out really quick, it will get some jumps to accustomed with this and adjusting your speed increasing maneuver starting height which some may say is quite low. Jussi ---Ubi est actio hic?---
  6. During last weekend we made a nice downplane after 2 way sequence jump around 22:45 a clock. It was not total dark so not a really night down plane (we jump in Finland and now a days it doesnt get too dark at nights at all) but did give nice visuals for speed skydiving world cup ending ceremony at Utti DZ. Noticed also that our competition CRW Triathlons with 50 cm shortened lines are quite sensitive with body movements during side by side. Down plane just formed before we actively made it!! But it was a lot of fun anyway!! Jussi ---Ubi est actio hic?---
  7. I might have manual for minimax7, need to check from (kanada) lofts library jussi ---Ubi est actio hic?---
  8. 18 and packed myself jussi ---Ubi est actio hic?---
  9. You could ask your rigger to clean them the right way (so there are no melted parts of canopy fabric to tear your canopy even more) for you with hotknife so they don`t become problems in future, if not hot knifed whole rib may tear and cause unpleasant flying characters. Jussi ---Ubi est actio hic?---
  10. Here is my Jedei 105 I just love it!! jussi ---Ubi est actio hic?---
  11. Hello I think flap described here means this one: Yours jussi ---Ubi est actio hic?---
  12. During summer Ecco sandals they really rule! Those things have air cushions so they are really comfortable and hey no feet sweat!! and for CRW jumping I use old Reebook sneakers with wool socks for ankle protection. Sometimes when it is hard do say is it summer or autumn (I live in Finland) sandals with wool socks works well!! During winter time I prefer Doc Martins with wool socks. Main thing would be ankle protection and comfort. Sandals don´t have that but they give you certain summer feeling that I like and it is principle thing I never wear anything else than sandals during summer... jussi ---Ubi est actio hic?---
  13. My first canopy was rainbow colored used PD 170! I was ten jumps wonder with own main canopy! I never jumped that one, sold it before I was off student status. Next one was brand new sabre 170, after that few different size (excelent canopy!!) Blue track sèrie Pro 140 and 120, three different size notorius express CRW canopies, one used PD 193 and now jedei 105 jussi ---Ubi est actio hic?---
  14. Yes Paul it seems so... Life is full of surprises jstone "ehkä join ehkä en so not" Matti Nykänen ---Ubi est actio hic?---
  15. AN-2 AN-28 An-72 jet Cessna 172 Cessna 182 Cessna 185 Cessna 206 Cessna 207 Mi-8 Let 410 ASC 21 (sailplane) Bell jetranger Twin otter ---Ubi est actio hic?---