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  1. Just another update,... For those of you who don't know Rob and I are very pleased to announce that Omar from Skyventure Orlando will be coming up to work with us. Yes,.. he is leaving FL behind and coming to live in the live free or die state. Omar is a senior manager at Skyventure Orlando and will be the god of all things flying at our tunnel and much more. I don't think that we could of found a better person to help us run our tunnel. Omar is a wonderful person and will bring a great vibe to our tunnel. If you don't know Omar once you meet him I think you will all agree that he is a perfect person to be on our team at Skyventure NH. So If you are down in Orlando at the tunnel make sure you don't tell Omar how cold it can get up here! No,.. just kidding! He was just here for our 5 below weather and loved it. I believe that his last day at Skyventure Orlando is around mid March. Blue Skies! Laurie
  2. well we will be glad to have you visit us. I don't know if you had heard but Nancy of Ouragan suits has or is moving her business to Canada. In fact all of our instructors will be wearing her suits. She makes an awesome tunnel suit and we look forward to seeing her at our tunnel from time to time. Not much new on our site today other than RAIN,.. RAIN,.. and RAIN. The steel crew did not work today due to the weather but will be there tomorrow. I will be posting new pictures tomorrow. Blue Skies! Laurie
  3. The zero g room is no longer on skyventure's web site. I think that deal is GONE.
  4. hmmm,,.. not to brag,.. but I do think that we will be better. New upgrades!
  5. It is 25 minutes for us,.. oh wait,.. we will just about be living there! Look forward to you making the drive and finally meeting you Mark. Blue Skies! Laurie
  6. Todays update,.. Well despite the very cold weather that we are getting until tomorrow morning it did not stop the steel crew. These guys are hard core! The picture is day 7! Stay tuned
  7. Thanks Dawn for posting that. They will be showing us all of the footage before it goes live. I will be sure to let you know along with the readers of Dropzone. I should be talking with the host of the show this week so I will see what he says. I know that he is looking forward to flying in the tunnel. Blue Skies! Laurie
  8. Hi Mark, The comcast network was out filming last week. I am not sure when they are going to start showing footage but I will be the second to know! As soon as I find out I will be posting it on Drop Zone. The show is American Builder on CN8. I am sure that our steel crew is missing the 60 degree weather that we had last week. We are now on DAY 7 of erection! Blue Skies! Laurie
  9. Another update,.. Well we are now at day 6 of our steel erection and things are going well. The steel crew thinks that they will be done the end of next week. Hopefully mother nature will keep all of the nasty snow away! Then I think the next plan is to work on getting the flight chamber in place! I will keep you all posted when that is going to happen. See the picture below. Blue Skies! Laurie
  10. The waiting is the hardest part. So,.. have you figured out how close you will be living from the tunnel? Blue Skies! Laurie
  11. Hello all, Here is what our site looks like at the 3 and 4 day mark. ( see pictures below ) The crew is working hard to get it done. It looks like mother nature is going to be nice to us this week bringing 40 - 50 degree weather instead of SNOW. I am sure that will soon end. A load of our fiberglass parts are arriving from FL at 7 am tomorrow!
  12. I guess that I will have to think harder on my photo listings. The steel crew will be on site at 7 am on Monday. I will post photo's as we go. I also post updates on Blue Ones! Laurie
  13. I searched around and did not find anything in the Bonfire about the recent death of Max Mueller and would like to start this thread in honor of him. It is always a sad day in the sport to lose someone as special as Max. He was a great skydiver and a friend. I am blessed that I have known him since 1994 and have made many jumps with him. I will cherish them always. I will always remember Max yodelling in the morning, sitting with him at the coffee gallery and his smile. Max loved Hawaii and has spent many winters there. I talked with him just 3 weeks ago and he sounded happy as always. My deepest condolences to his daughter and family. Also my condolences to the family of the tandem passenger. I would like to think that I will be skydiving when I am 69 like Max. I think he would of jumped until he was a 100 if he could of. He truly loved the sport and I know will be missed by all that knew him. So,.. Blaue Himmel Max and I hope you have everlasting freefall.
  14. Can't wait to see it done. We should be out to visit when the big fans start turning. Blue Skies! Laurie
  15. Well here is the picture as promised of our steel. The crew worked all day today. The second floor is almost complete with the larger pieces of steel. The structure is about 27 feet tall so far and we will be going up to 62! Blue Skies! Laurie
  16. Well just an update. The one foot snow storm missed us on Tuesday leaving us with only 2 inches. We then poured our slab for the foundation on Wednesday. The steel crew showed up and sorted the massive pieces of steel.
  17. Yes,.. we are getting ready to go VERTICAL. The steel crew said they would be on the site today but that date was moved to Tuesday. The holidays are slowing us down. We will be glad to ring in the new year and get this tunnel built. If all goes well we will be going vertical sometime next week. We are pouring our bottom foundation slabs and then comes the steel. I will post the actual date on Tuesday after I talk to the steel crew. We would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and look forward to seeing everyone in 2006! Blue Skies! Laurie
  18. The latest update,.. we are paved and are finishing up the site work. We are very excited to announce that it appears that we may be going vertical next week. Not sure what day,.. but will post it when I know. Our fans arrived this week and they are huge! ( see pic below ) To give you an idea of the size of them Rob is 6' 4" tall. We wish everyone a Happy Holiday! Blue Skies! Laurie
  19. Ok,.. here is the link of the soon to be tunnel! And we look forward to seeing you Speedy Lisa when our tunnel is up and running. We will be out to visit you flyangel2 when the big fans are humming! Blue Skies! Laurie
  20. Hi All, An update on our project. Well mother nature did NOT keep us down. Even though she dumped a foot of snow on us we are now paved!
  21. Hi Mark, The Skyventure corp. site is wrong. They are going to fix that on the site. The month of May would be our worst case. We think that we will be open in April. I would love to say March,... but as I type this a really nasty storm is heading our way to dump a foot of snow on US! We will keep you and all of our readers posted. Thanks for asking! Blue Skies! Laurie
  22. Hi Mark, Yes we will be running the early bird special until March 2006.
  23. It sucks,.. but only a million cfm! 1200 hp and speeds up to 160 mph. We look forward to having you there!
  24. Save up because it is coming! We look forward to seeing you at the tunnel. Be sure to check out our web site. We are still working on it with a few changes and updates to come! Blue Skies! Laurie