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  1. Ahh,.... I see that the brass balls club is still alive and well. My days of jumping in the snow are long over. I did a few of those in my younger days! Soon,... there will be a nice warm tunnel to play in!!!
  2. Well,.. the snow is slowly melting away and our site is cleaned up. The warm weather this week will help things out. The rigging crew will be working on the louver doors and next week the fiberglass parts! By the end of next week we should be looking pretty good. There has been an increase in traffic on the street since the fans were placed. Most of the people are trying to figure out what the heck we are building. Then they stop and read the sign and a smile comes to their face!
  3. Yes you can have it,.. he didn't need that 15 minutes that he got for Christmas anyways! I will make a mental note the next time his Mom calls to buy him some time,... that he only wants 2 minutes not 15. I can't wait to see what the site looks like in the am. Well at least it is going to be in the upper 40's come Wednesday! We have about 8" of snow here. Blue Ones! Laurie
  4. Well it is snowing like crazy,.. did your car break down on your way to the volcano?!!
  5. Don't count on that,.. It takes 6 months just to get your parts once you have ordered them. They have not ordered parts as to my knowledge. Then,.. they have to build it and I can tell you all about that! You might see it in 2007 if it does happen.
  6. It will be great to see. We look forward to a good season. It is nice to know that we will now have winters with plenty of warm air time in New England. Colorado had temps of 35 outside and 80 inside. Hope to see you soon! Blue Ones! Laurie
  7. You are too funny Mark you even posted a link to the storm. Well I sure hope that it does not become the blizzard of 78. Yes,.. now I am dating myself. I think all this snow should be up in Canada instead of here. I will make sure to post an after the storm picture. Blue Ones! Laurie
  8. Yahoo!! Way to take one for the team! We hope that it works and we will never forget you. My advice is to wear your RED gloves! I will make sure that I hang your picture on the wall. Soon to be snow filled skies! Laurie
  9. We will be offering a variety of camps from Freefly to RW. We will start posting those dates and who will be doing them once we get closer to our opening. Blue Skies! Laurie
  10. We will have RW coaches available. We have some very good local RW people here. We have world record holders and 4 way gold champions! We will also be doing a camp with Gary Beyer if you are interested in that. Just let me know what you would like and we will be happy to set it up for you. Thanks! Laurie
  11. oops,.. you are correct,.. I must of had a tunnel fart! We are the third,.. that is true. I was thinking second due to I am always saying that we are the second Skyventure recirc in the US. Thanks for keeping me on track! I will be posting more pictures of the progress on Thursday. Blue Ones! Laurie
  12. Hi Mark, The date is still a little bit of a guess at this point. We will have a very good idea once our airflow parts are in place and the building gets closed in. Total build time for CO will be about 7 1/2 months. They did have a few delays due to Skyventure and also some transformer parts that were back ordered for way too long.( not Skyventure ) So,.. it does pay NOT to be first or second! I am sure we will be able to tell the third one a few things. By the time the fourth one is built it should be a cake walk! So,.. stay tuned and I will keep you posted! Blue Skies! Laurie
  13. 3,.. 2,... 1,...Houston,... we have FANS! Today not one but two fans were placed on our structure. The other two fans will be placed tomorrow. All of our air flow components will be put in place over the next 2 weeks. Attached is a picture. Blue Skies! Laurie
  14. I think you should change your name to air junky since you are moving across the street from the tunnel. Frequent flyer,.. isn't that what you get when you spend a bunch of money on your credit card at our tunnel?! Ahh,.. just kidding. We will have a redemption program for our customers. The air flow parts are going to be moving on / into the building on MONDAY
  15. Just a weather delay update,... Due to the hot, sunny, 80 degree weather that we are going to get here in NH this week our fans will not be placed until Monday now. Ok,.. I really meant crappy, rain, sleet and snow filled days this week! I will post pics as soon as I have them. Blue Skies! Laurie
  16. Hello All! If everything goes as planned the fans are being placed on Friday (2-3-06) I will be sure to post pics on Friday. Blue Skies! Laurie
  17. Hello,... just a quick note to let everyone know that we have a new picture page on our web site. So,.. check it out along with our video w/song!
  18. Hi all,.. just another update. Well another week has passed and our tunnel is coming along nicely. The steel crew is working hard and have now started the final torque on the bolts. We have our last shipment of fiberglass arriving from FL on Monday.
  19. I just watched the video of the guy flying in the eloy tunnel and he looked like he was having a hard time. If I was a bird person,... I would want to fly the horizontal tunnels!!
  20. Not sure on that one. I don't know if anyone has taken a bird suit in a tunnel like Skyventure. I am also not sure what skills it could gain you. You can try and surf the air out of the return air towers but please don't dent the building when you hit it! Blue Skies! Laurie
  21. Sounds like you might have some fun if you did that! Blue Ones! Laurie
  22. Here is a picture of our site as of yesterday,... more to come. Blue Skies! Laurie