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  1. well,.. just a quick update. The steel crew started putting up steel for our front addition today. They really made some good progress. The upper equipment deck now has exterior siding and we are plugging away. We will post a picture later but if you are in the area swing by and see the tunnel!
  2. Here is an update,... Sorry that we have not posted much lately. We have been working really hard to get our tube of pleasure up and running. Rob and I are at the site every day working on stuff. They siding crew is taking much longer than they told us. They are now skinning the second return air tower. Once they finish that they will have to put up the flat liner panel. When they finish with all of that we will pluck the lift out of the foundation hole and place our bottom turn banks. Then our inlet contractor will be placed and our airflow will be complete.
  3. Hey Thanks! Yes,... our tube of pleasure is looking better each day! By the looks of the picture I think that we were there working in the house. We are really busy day and night working on the tunnel and fixing up that house. Next time come knock on the door and we will give you the tour! See you soon!
  4. Hey thanks for posting those! Rob and I have been really busy and sometimes it is even hard to get a picture up. It was great seeing you and thanks for stopping by our tube of pleasure! Blue Ones! Laurie
  5. Just another update,... It sure was a cold and windy day here today but It never seems to stop our fellow skydiving friends from coming by to see the tunnel. The steel erection crew will be finishing the roof steel tomorrow. The siding crew is working hard on skinning the return air towers. Then they will move on to the roof exterior and close in the equipment deck. I will post a new picture tomorrow. Blue Skies! Laurie
  6. Here is the picture as of yesterday,... Look forward to seeing you! Blue Ones! Laurie
  7. You just never know what you will find at SkyVenture New Hampshire! We do have a really nice massage chair that will even massage your butt! Blue Ones! Laurie
  8. Well,.. just another update,... The rigging crew is still working on the fine tuning of the air components up on the top. Rob has joined them to help get it done faster. He also likes playing with the snorkel lift that goes up 65 feet! The steel crew is now putting up the final steel on the top for the roof. The siding crew is also there lining the return air towers. The plumbing crew is DONE and we have pipes in what will be our private bath! . I will post a new picture soon! Blue Ones! Laurie
  9. You do know that the SVH is a 10 foot tunnel and it is geared towards tourists. I heard that they are in progress but not sure how much they have made. Blue Ones! Laurie
  10. At this point we are planning on attending safety day. We like those free raffle items! Nice to see you at the tunnel field trip! Blue Ones! Laurie
  11. You know I did not see him a safety day,... maybe he really did it!. Thanks to him for taking one for the team! Blue Skies! Laurie
  12. This weather is awesome and it sure won't hurt us!
  13. It all sounds good to me but it we have to finish it. Trust me,.. no one wants to see our tube of pleasure run more than Rob and myself! Thanks for the thoughts and we look forward to seeing you. Blue Skies! Laurie
  14. Thanks Ben! That was a great movie! We have had many skydivers offer help and we sincerely appreciate all of the offers that we have had. Look forward to seeing you on safety day! Blue Skies! Laurie
  15. Ok,.. here is the latest picture as of today. Our rigging crew flew all of our turn banks and the crane left by 1:00. They did a great job! Blue Skies! Laurie
  16. Sorry,.. It will not be April. We are working on May. Stay tuned I will post it as soon as I know! I will be posting new pictures tomorrow night so check them out. Blue Ones! Laurie
  17. Whew! So glad that we missed that storm and it went to our south. Due to the high winds we were not able to FLY our turn banks today. The crane will be there on Monday am and large pieces of metal will be flying through the AIR! Come and watch! I will post a picture on Monday night. Blue Ones!
  18. Cold,... the weather is really just nose sticking cold! I would love to come out but can not at this time. I do look forward to meeting you and seeing the tunnel in Colorado. Glad to hear that you are busy. Talk to you soon! Blue Skies! Laurie
  19. Well,.. it sure was a cold one today. I wish that cold air from Canada would stop dipping down into NH! Our steel crew showed up today,... but the rigging crew (airflow parts) did not. They said that it was too cold! Hopefully they will be on site tomorrow to finish up getting our turn banks ready to FLY!
  20. I know that you cant! It is coming to a street near you soon! One more month and you will get to see it each and every day. Driving to work might be hard for you when those big fans are spinning faster than they already are!! Blue Ones!
  21. Our diffuser is now in place. The turning banks will be placed next week! Attached is picture as of today. Blue Skies! Laurie
  22. Attached is a picture with 2 doors in place and the third about to be placed! I will post another picture tomorrow. Blue Ones! Laurie
  23. It was a chilly day to start,.. 19 degrees with a high of 35! By the end of the day we had 3 louver doors in place and will be finishing the last one tomorrow. The fiberglass parts are being assembled and will be going up this week. I will post pictures later tonight. Blue Ones! Laurie
  24. I happen to know that they have ordered the parts from Skyventure but I doubt that they will be open this year. 4-6 months for goods, plus ship time and 7 plus months to build. Blue Ones!
  25. So much for the 55 degree weather! Now why did you send that COLD Canadian air down here?! Here is a picture,... They have put the louver jams in place. You can see the large box like objects,.. those are our turning banks. The fiberglass and turning banks will be going in this week.