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  1. Do you think that Rob and I would let that one slip by?! Blue Ones! Laurie
  2. we look forward to seeing you. The tunnel is Awesome and we are now done with the commission process. Our staff will start training on the 6th.
  3. Well it is official our fans have now run!! We will continue the commission process the rest of the week. Blue Ones! Laurie
  4. Another update,... Well another week has started and our electrical crew worked this weekend on Saturday. We are gearing up and things are looking good!
  5. Hmm,.. Ebay,.. that is a place that I didn't think to look. Thanks for that thought.
  6. nice pircture,.. thanks for posting it. An update for all,... We have bumped up our commission date and it will start next Tuesday and run until the end of the month!
  7. The fans have moved at the factory. We will be turning them on some time during the last week of June. If the power goes out in Nashua you will know why. I will have no time to raise a glass,.. I will be in the tunnel with Rob! I will keep you posted on the status. Blue Ones! Laurie
  8. Ha,... that's funny,... keep going up! Blue Skies!
  9. Sure,.. the zip code is 03060 We are located behind CVS and Best Buy off of Daniel Webster Highway at 3 Poisson Ave, Nashua, NH. We are still working on trying to change the street name!! If you know where Pepperell Skydiving center is we are just 12 minutes from there. Look forward to seeing you at our tunnel. Blue Skies! Laurie
  10. Sorry,.. I dont know the details.
  11. Just another update,... we are gearing up to kick the tires and light the fires! The front glass wall is now complete except for the section between the floors. Our walls are taking shape quickly and our electrical crew is kicking butt. Things seem to moving along quickly now. Before I know it I will be painting all of the walls! I will try and get a new picture up this week. Blue Ones! Laurie
  12. The city of Ogden has bought a wind tunnel from SkyVenture. I think that it is a 12' recirc. I believe that Skyventure is making the components now. I had heard that they are working on the foundation now but I have not seen any pictures. Blue Ones!
  13. Here is a picture as of June 1, 2006. Blue Ones! Laurie
  14. Hi all,.. just another quick update. Our glass front wall should be in by the end of the week. PSNH has installed our transformers, poles and lines. Lots of work is going on and we are gearing up to commission the last week of June. Rob and I can't wait to hear those fans running! We will try and post a picture soon. Blue Skies! Laurie
  15. The instructor training is starting the beginning of July. The instructor training is not open to the public. I have been told that Joe, Carlos, Micheal & Rusty are coming. Our staff will be training for 4 weeks here. Blue Skies! Laurie
  16. Hi all,.. just another update. Things are moving along now. We are planning to commission the tunnel at the end of June and open to the public around the end of July / 1st of August. The date is not set in stone yet but it is looking good. All of our airflow is complete now!
  17. Thanks Howard! Sorry that you didn't get a tour. I was not there but Rob was. Come by again soon. Blue Skies! Laurie
  18. Hi all,.. just another update. Here is the latest picture of the tunnel and it is coming along. We now have the lift out of the basement hole and we just poured our lobby floor. The walls are going up inside and out. We will be placing our final turning banks and inlet contractor this coming week. It looks like we will be opening in late July. Rob and I are working hard to try and move that date some. The flight chamber floor is in place so I would like to say a special thanks to the people that helped with that 2 day event last week. I will post again soon! Blue Skies! Laurie
  19. not sure yet,.. I will have a better idea this week. We are behind due to contractors telling us it will only take 2 weeks and then it takes them 2 - 3 months. I will be posting a progress report this week. Thanks! Blue Ones! Laurie
  20. Hi all,.. just another quick update. They are finishing up lining the last layer on the return air tower. They have alrealy poured our second story floor and will be pouring the first floor tomorrow. The drywall company is forming up our outer walls now. Will post again soon with another updated photo. Thanks to all that have stopped by,.. it is good to see our friends due to we have NO time to go to the drop zone. Blue Skies! Laurie
  21. Here is a picture as that is a couple days old. We are pouring our second floor deck tomorrow starting at 8 AM! Blue Ones! Laurie
  22. Thanks! Glad to make it to that number and I hope we keep going! Blue Ones! Laurie