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Dropzone Reviews posted by LiveLifeGoJump

  1. I started jumping some 8 years ago and because we were unable to jump on the Sunday the (previous) owner opened up on the Monday morning, put two lifts up in the Cessna 182 then closed the centre. The number of people who came down to operate the centre (no chance of them jumping) amased me.

    Even with the change of ownership and large increase in the number regular jumpers it has remained a friendly centre.

    Bar, camping & shower facilities plus the coaching seminars etc. that Ian has organised all help to make this a fast growing centre.

    A hard 'all weather' runway (nearing completion July 04) will make a big difference, allowing us to operate on days when the waterlogged grass strip would normally prevent take off (or force us to fly with light loads). There is even a door due to be fitted to the Cessna (yeh, you've heard that one before but this time it is [almost] true, should be fitted within 2 weeks [local joke]).

    Come and pay us a visit, if only to see the floor (pool table) show our 2 local strippers put on.