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  1. Looking forward to a really good time! I will be there! Not sure exactly when. No def plans on where to lay my head...suggestions?? Prob wont make it till Thurs. Got plans Wed. Lets have fun!!! Let's have fun! :)
  2. Planning to be there!! Looking forward to a good time. How about no accidents or broken legs this year??? Should be a blast!! Let's have fun! :)
  3. Wow!! this sounds like a good time!! I am so looking forward to it! Got airlines tickets for 4 of us, an suv reserved and a room. Have I forgotten anything??? Viv are inflatable rescue devices/floatation gear required for jumps there?? i.e. beach jumps?? anyone?? Let's have fun! :)
  4. This looks like fun....will have to check schedules!!! Let's have fun! :)
  5. duh....i was going by the numbers you have posted! Are they accurate?? Is someone getting pied??? Let's have fun! :)
  6. 998...mouth are you doing one thousand with us this weekend?? Let's have fun! :)
  7. Beaker, let me know if I can help!! My job affords me a lot of free time! Be glad to lend a hand!! Let's have fun! :)
  8. I also heard last night! He was a nice guy who never failed to crack me up whn I saw him at boogies! I only knew him through some boogies and bief dialogue on dz.com, but he def made his presence known. We have lost another good person! He will be missed!! Let's have fun! :)
  9. I plan to attend! May need a new suit! hint hint: Tony/Jeff! My Birdman S3 is worn out! Let's have fun! :)
  10. I think you got your answer. I just want to chime in with an emphatic...'go docile'! Ultimately you have to decide. Let's have fun! :)
  11. Hey Jeff, maybe we will put the walls up around that outside shower during the flop! But there is still a waterhose if you get that 'au naturale' feeling! LOL Let's have fun! :)
  12. planning to try to make it! Let's have fun! :)
  13. You did great! Nice avatar pic! I like corona, btw! We will fly again!
  14. bold if necessary, but like Spence says do not take repsonsibility for something that may not be yours to take. That is all I am saying! Let's have fun! :)