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  1. Thanks everyone for all your suggestions!! I jumped yesterday and it was AMAZING!!! i wanted to get up there and do it all over again. I wasn't that nervous at all actually and my tandem instructor was so great. I can't wait to do it again! thanks again . . :)
  2. They were awesome!! Everyone was really friendly and the facilities were great. My jump instructor made me feel really comfortable and i wasn't nervous at all for my first time. I would really recommend this place. The guy who did took the video and pictures did a fantastic job was extremely friendly.
  3. I am definitely doing tandem jump, don't think i could do it by myself the first time. I just bought the package from Lake Elsinore online, any suggestions for what i should do or how to prepare? I'm excited/very nervous :)
  4. Hi Everyone! I'm seriously thinking about going skydiving on Sunday for the first time in Los Angeles but I don't know how to choose where to do it. Do any of you know what the good companies are? I know there is LA Sky Diving in Riverside and one in Lake Elsinore. Any suggestions about what to do or how to be calm during a first jump would be awesome also. . . Any help is appreciated . . thanks! -Lisa