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  1. FallinWoman

    Gary Peek

    My heart is broken. Gary was a stand-up guy, on and off the drop zone.
  2. FallinWoman

    New to Washington DC area, looking for dropzone!

    When I went to visit my sister in Bethesda a couple of years ago, I visited Skydive Orange and had a blast. I do not know what I enjoyed more, the jumping or the party. Certainly check them out.... ~Anne I'm a Doll!!!!
  3. Nope....I jumped demo gear once. And only once. I was demo-ing the container and had the hardest opening of my life. Broke multiple lines...it was there but it was not square. Had to chop. I am just happy that hard opening did not injure me. I will always have a rigger I trust or myself check the gear and repack it before I jump it. ~Anne I'm a Doll!!!!
  4. FallinWoman

    price of skydiving

    It is not about the price.... I am a teacher....made about $35,000 a year when I started jumping. And I have a mortgage payment.... It is about how you choose to spend your money. I stopped eating out as much...stopped shopping for clothes as much...stopped drinking in bars with my friends as much.... It is a series of choices that landed me with a license and my own gear. And no regrets. ~Anne I'm a Doll!!!!
  5. FallinWoman

    ProTrack and ProTec

    I have a ProTrack inside my Protec....my data may not be perfect...but it logs the jumps, gives me speeds, freefall times...all the data i need...and I know I am not going to lose the ProTrack....it is secure in there! ~Anne I'm a Doll!!!!
  6. FallinWoman

    What's the worst malfunction?

    I voted horseshoe also.....having something wrap around part of me that I can't clear.....that scares me. But I also agree with the premature deployment thought...and most of the others here, too! ~Anne I'm a Doll!!!!
  7. FallinWoman

    Pilot Chute In Tow

    I like the idea of Procedure #3, although I would point out (maybe the obvious) that you try once...and then go to Procedure #1 or #2...you are losing altitude fast at this point! ~Anne I'm a Doll!!!!
  8. FallinWoman

    Pilot Chute In Tow

    Here Is what Skymedic chose to do last weekend. ~Anne I'm a Doll!!!!
  9. FallinWoman

    Your Skydiving Goals for 2005?

    Well...I have not jumped a whole lot in the past two years....and I am honeymooning at Rantoul....so... I want to jump my ass off this spring and summer so I can be a crazy jumper at WFFC. I want to kiss my new husband in freefall at the WFFC. I want to finally get a new canopy.....so I can sell this one back to the previous owner. I want to have a blast and be safe. ~Anne I'm a Doll!!!!
  10. FallinWoman

    Halloween at Archway!

    ARCHWAY SKYDIVING ANNUAL Halloween boogie is THIS WEEKEND . Bring your wives, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, whuffos..!! Carrie is making her famous TACOS and Todd is organizing!!! In case you are new to the DZ bashes... these alone are reasons enough to come! We have prizes for everyone! Discounted Tandem, Videos, Discounted Coach Jumps, Goggles, Log Books, Custome Log Book Covers, Skydivng Handbook, Jump Tickets, Free Pack Jobs, PD goodies, and more!!!!! If you plan on wearing a costume to jump in, talk to Jason; Tigger, is acceptable , but Costume time is generally after the sunset load. Plenty of hotel space, so bring your bags.. make it a weekend, it supposed to be beautiful weather!!!! There are NO registration fees!! Come join us for a weekend of fun jumps and fun times. ~Anne I'm a Doll!!!!
  11. FallinWoman

    Midwest Halloween Boogie

    MIDWEST HALLOWEEN BOOGIE!! Archway Skydiving, Vandalia, IL This is a traditional boogie.. so most of you know... but our HALLOWEEN BOOGIE will be on Saturday October 30th!! Lots of us dress up.. but we now you have an extra incentive to find those costumes... this year we will have prizes awarded for the three catagories MOST ORIGINAL, MOST CREATIVE and BEST COSTUME! The first 40 people in the food line AFTER the sunset load will receive a "goodie bag"... random prizes are in those bags. (I'm not tellin.. but you will like them) Costumes, Bonfires, Food, Beverages, Haunted Hay Rides, this is one Boogie YOU WILL NOT want to miss!!! ~Anne I'm a Doll!!!!
  12. FallinWoman

    New Skydiving Magazine

    Don't tease me....we still haven't gotten ours yet.....darn it!!!! ~Anne I'm a Doll!!!!
  13. I can't give you the motivation. It has to come from yourself. I was at 275 jumps, with only 10 of those in the past two years. I thought seriously about selling all my gear and just not jumping anymore. The thought of that scared the shit out of me. I could not imagine not ever flying again. And that was my answer. Whatever was keeping me from the sky...time, money, a new family...dz politics...whatever...did not beat out my desire to fly again...so I made a recurrence jump last Saturday and I am jumping again the Saturday.... I think you just have to listen to yourself and accept that skydiving may be a chapter that is voer for you...at least for now...and that is ok. Don't stay in the sport because you think you should. ~Anne I'm a Doll!!!!
  14. FallinWoman

    Going to WFFC with Less than 50 Jumps?

    GO!!! Go and party like crazy. Go and talk to other jumpers and learn. Go amd talk to gear manufacturers and learn. Go and have a blast. ~Anne I'm a Doll!!!!
  15. FallinWoman

    Water Training

    You should also check out Archway Skydiving in Vandalia, IL....they do water training wither at the motel pool or at the lake with old gear....great people... 618-283-4978 www.archwayskydiving.com ~Anne I'm a Doll!!!!