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  1. My heart is broken. Gary was a stand-up guy, on and off the drop zone.
  2. I don't think Simon's face was in reponse to the song. I think it was in response to the backup singer whose ass was hanging below the hemline of her dress. ~Anne I'm a Doll!!!!
  3. I did not date anyone from the DZ..... However... I met my husband through dz.com. I knew before I met him that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. We met, dated, he moved in 6 months later....his daughter moved in six months after that.....finally two years after THAT we got married.....we have been together five and a half years total. Not too shabby for a couple hooked up by HH! ~Anne I'm a Doll!!!!
  4. To be fair, that is a WAY oversimplified version of what happened. The girl hugged her friend and waswarned and reminded of the policy. Later that day, she hugged again. That earned her a detention. Then, directly in front of the assistant principal, she hugged someone else. I may not agree with the policy, but I disagree MORE with this child going out of her way to break the rules, even after being warned. There is a right way to deal with unfair policy, and a wrong way. ~Anne I'm a Doll!!!!
  5. FallinWoman


    Here are two of our three cats. First: Tommy....he likes to sleep on our dishes. Kinda gross. Second: Ernie. He has seven toes on each of his front paws. ~Anne I'm a Doll!!!!
  6. Ron Jeremy signed mine. Funny, he has the same D license number as my DZO..... ~Anne I'm a Doll!!!!
  7. How terrible that someone would steal this money! I did not know all the victims, but I made a jump with Scott and he flew me to altitude many times. These people deserve to be honored. ~Anne I'm a Doll!!!!
  8. I do not know about Benedryl as a long term solution, but I would like to put my two cents in about Ambien. I started taking Ambien just about every night a few months ago. Shortly thereafter I became paranoid and quite panicky. When I finally put the two together ( I know, I am a little slow...) and stopped the Ambien, the paranoia and panic attacks stopped almost immediately. I will happily deal with no sleep as long as I am not paranoid and panicked all the time! ~Anne I'm a Doll!!!!
  9. "This, too, shall pass." Words to live by. ~Anne I'm a Doll!!!!
  10. Sex on the Beach Buttery Nipple ~Anne I'm a Doll!!!!
  11. Joke from my childhood... Teller: "Why did the chicken cross the road?" Other: "To get to the other side?" Teller: "Nope, to get the Chinese newspaper. Do you get it?" Other: "Nope" Teller: "Neither do I, I get the Post-Dispatch (or insert local paper.)" I used to think that was hysterical. ~Anne I'm a Doll!!!!
  12. That is so funny about the nail file.....my cat has a different reaction....he growls and tries to bite the file out of my hand. He thens just throws it on the floor. I think the sound bothers him. (This is the other cat...not the one who has "dates") ~Anne I'm a Doll!!!!
  13. twatpickle ~Anne I'm a Doll!!!!
  14. My 14 year old, neutered male cat goes into my daughter's room, grabs a stuffed animal and drags it to the living room. There he proceeds to have what we call "dates," he humps the poor stuffed animals. For a while it was always a white cat stuffed animal, but lately he has been less picky. If we catch him doing this, he is usually howling and his penis is sticking out. ~Anne I'm a Doll!!!!
  15. There was a woman who subbed in my building the other day (high school) and she wore hers all day. That really bothered me because the kids are not even supposed to have cell phones at school! ~Anne I'm a Doll!!!!