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  1. nuntiux

    First LP, now this. Sorry Folks. Byron Weeps.

    ... I'm speechless.... Samuel - Adept of Byron's Love
  2. nuntiux

    Blue Skies Tommy D

    Nice Video! Unfortunately I was unable to come to byron this last saturday as I was out of the country. I really regret that I was unable to join my Byron family for that... Fly free Tommy... Samuel Samuel - Adept of Byron's Love
  3. nuntiux

    Blue Skies Tommy D

    Tom, I'm speechless... I cannot believe this news... it makes me very sad. You taught me how to pack... you taught how to play to your linguist game
  4. nuntiux

    Byron Boogie 2006 - Oct 13-15, 2006

    Amazon (she can remove herself if she doesn't WANT to come) brianfry713 Elisha Feeblemind Fri. to Late Sat. Afternoon (Prior engagement that evening) flygirl1 NunTiuX McBeth monkycndo Shawndiver---> (peering out nervously from Lodi ivory tower) vdschoor I'm in Samuel - Adept of Byron's Love
  5. nuntiux

    A visit from Shannon

    Thank you for sharing with us! It made me smile
  6. nuntiux

    Deuce's Big Day

    Happy Birthday Samuel - Adept of Byron's Love
  7. nuntiux


    And have you ever fill a full pac of hot mens in speedo?? I think that Byron has a new record Samuel - Adept of Byron's Love
  8. nuntiux

    Byron Tracking Contest

    I'm in!
  9. nuntiux


    I'm still in vacation out of the country... checked my mails... and get this terrible news... I didn't GFD too much... but she was part of the byron family... and I talked to her many times... I feel terribly sad... I don't know what to say... All my thoughts for bob and her family... Blue sky Samuel - Adept of Byron's Love
  10. nuntiux

    Hybrid Speed Event - Bay Area Skydiving

    Another really good idea from Madjohn! I'm in!
  11. nuntiux

    Getting "accepted" into the sport.

    From a really great Guy!
  12. nuntiux

    Are you jumping this weekend

    I got caught a sunday morning in november when driving to byron... 1 mile before the exit on 580... I was a little bit too excited... 93 instead of 65... I'm 100% guilty... But for my first time I was expecting to be able to go to traffic school... I learned the lesson, now I'm using the cruise control. Samuel - Adept of Byron's Love
  13. nuntiux

    Are you jumping this weekend

    Lucky Guy ! I didn't even get a chance to go to traffic school.... The judge said: "too fast" for traffic school.... Samuel - Adept of Byron's Love
  14. nuntiux

    Skydiving on Fremont Street in Vegas

    I missed Byron Christmas party this week end... I was in Las Vegas. Saturday night, I was drinking on Fremont Street when the show started... The video started with a nice biplane doing some looping and after 30 seconds there was a short sequence about skydiving. It was really cool. Did anyone already see it? Samuel - Adept of Byron's Love
  15. nuntiux

    Happy Holidays Byronites, et al

    Hope your mother-in-law will be fine... Happy holidays to all my Byron's friends and see you back in 2006 for even more fun Samuel - Adept of Byron's Love