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  1. ... I'm speechless.... Samuel - Adept of Byron's Love
  2. Nice Video! Unfortunately I was unable to come to byron this last saturday as I was out of the country. I really regret that I was unable to join my Byron family for that... Fly free Tommy... Samuel Samuel - Adept of Byron's Love
  3. Tom, I'm speechless... I cannot believe this news... it makes me very sad. You taught me how to pack... you taught how to play to your linguist game
  4. Amazon (she can remove herself if she doesn't WANT to come) brianfry713 Elisha Feeblemind Fri. to Late Sat. Afternoon (Prior engagement that evening) flygirl1 NunTiuX McBeth monkycndo Shawndiver---> (peering out nervously from Lodi ivory tower) vdschoor I'm in Samuel - Adept of Byron's Love
  5. Thank you for sharing with us! It made me smile
  6. Happy Birthday Samuel - Adept of Byron's Love
  7. And have you ever fill a full pac of hot mens in speedo?? I think that Byron has a new record Samuel - Adept of Byron's Love
  8. I'm still in vacation out of the country... checked my mails... and get this terrible news... I didn't GFD too much... but she was part of the byron family... and I talked to her many times... I feel terribly sad... I don't know what to say... All my thoughts for bob and her family... Blue sky Samuel - Adept of Byron's Love
  9. Another really good idea from Madjohn! I'm in!
  10. I got caught a sunday morning in november when driving to byron... 1 mile before the exit on 580... I was a little bit too excited... 93 instead of 65... I'm 100% guilty... But for my first time I was expecting to be able to go to traffic school... I learned the lesson, now I'm using the cruise control. Samuel - Adept of Byron's Love
  11. Lucky Guy ! I didn't even get a chance to go to traffic school.... The judge said: "too fast" for traffic school.... Samuel - Adept of Byron's Love
  12. I missed Byron Christmas party this week end... I was in Las Vegas. Saturday night, I was drinking on Fremont Street when the show started... The video started with a nice biplane doing some looping and after 30 seconds there was a short sequence about skydiving. It was really cool. Did anyone already see it? Samuel - Adept of Byron's Love
  13. Hope your mother-in-law will be fine... Happy holidays to all my Byron's friends and see you back in 2006 for even more fun Samuel - Adept of Byron's Love