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  1. DOH! now it makes sense Full Power..... No Compromise!!!
  2. The Modification to the risers is in no way connected to the big trouser leg pocket. The pocket on your leg is for a removable deployment system. When open you can Remove your slider, pilot chute, bridal and main bag and therefore a pocket is needed to store this when removed. Yes this pocket will create a certain amont of drag but cetainly nowhere near as much the slider and pilot chute still attached. The Mod to the risers is a further step to minimising the amount of overall drag but as stated is not related to the leg pocket. (hope that makes sense...) Full Power..... No Compromise!!!
  3. don't know anything about the Icarus web site but Irelands first Neos arrived at my doorstep this morning soon as the damn rain stops i'll let you know how it is
  4. I have spoken with Icarus and the NEOS will be officially released in feb 07 however the response from the demos they have sent out is so good that you can order one now (like i have), I have also spoken with dave Ruffell from sunshine factory and the NEOS he was jumping at Z-Hills was an 84'. As for the openings on my crossfire, 800'-1000' depending on conditions. and i'm more than happy to wait, i've had some back breakers on stiletto's and sabre's. In my humble opinion Icarus have their opening sequence spot on. I'm a very happy crossfire pilot. Full Power..... No Compromise!!!
  5. Javelin Odyssey is at the top of the price ladder, but you get what you pay for. I'm in the process of ordering my second. Wouldn't have anything else! Cheers sunpath
  6. Thinking of investing in a digital stills camera, preferably SLR but at the lower end of the price scale. any ideas?? Full Power..... No Compromise!!!
  7. taz2468


    I'm a fairly big guy flying a Sabre2 170, loading of 1.45-1.5 I have about 100 jumps on the canopy and love every minute of flying it, i have even started giving myself more height on deployment to enjoy the ride, smooth slow opening, easy to pack, responsive, nice glide powerful flare. What more can I say ... I LOVE my canopy. and would recomend it to anyone.