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  1. draiger

    Skydive Space Center

    Excited about how their website claims to cater to experienced jumpers, I showed up at 1 pm on a sunny Friday afternoon and the place was a ghost town. When I finally found someone, she told me they were done flying for the day. After telling her I was an experienced jumper, She explained that they occasionally allowed solo jumpers who have at least 250 jumps and a C licenses, if they had room on the plane. I enquired about their website and all the amnesties it offers, she told me I must be confused about what drop zone I was at. In conclusion, just don’t waste your time with these people and their dishonest wed site.
  2. draiger

    Start Skydiving

    I started jumping there last summer, when my old DZ lost its plane. I now drive right by my old DZ and drive an extra hour to jump at Start. The Landing area is a sod Farm! It's huge! The packing area is padded and super clean and the people are outstanding. Whatever you’re into, they have people there to jump with you. Thumbs up!
  3. I agree 100%, I am on the ground right now recovering from a dislocated shoulder because of a miss- timed exit. It was a ten way with 3 people outside with me. I did not have wings on that jump and I will never film a bigger jump without them again. Freefalle I 'm glad I took you advise a few years ago, It made me understand when I truly need them and why.
  4. I had the same trouble with version 9 as well. I upgraded my system to 2 gig of ram and that seemed to fix it. I have also found that DVD+R seem to work better that DVD-R. Hope that helps Marry X-mas
  5. I recently wrote an e-mail to Kurupee asking them if they had address some of the concernes that some past customers have reported. The rep responded to me very quickly and assured me that the problems with their materals had been corrected. She was very nice and very respectful except she couldn't get my name right. The major problem was the e-mail that was sent to her, she accidently forwarded to me. The person sending that e-mail indicated that any conplaints about their product was "Bull**it" and that I should not believe everything I read on the net."bla bla bla" He exclaimed. That person's attitude was such that anyone with less than a good experience was a wack job and he didn't care about them. I then sent a e-mail letting them know I would not be ordering a Kurupee suit, based on the fact that I didn't think they care about there customers. I was sent an apology, addressed to the wrong name again! It was obvious to me that they don't care about the people that have purchased or want to purchase a Kurupee suit.