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  1. Greensburg is where I did all of my AFF. I got through AFF in one weekend there, because of the decent moving manifest and the good instructors. The people there are always willing to jump with you. And when they do, it is always fun. The instructors work like no others that I have seen. Tandems and AFF's from sunrise 'till sunset. A great dropzone.
  2. I went there shortly off student status. And everyone there, instructors and just other jumpers were willing to jump with me. Everyone there was happy and upbeat. They had a huge, nice, carpeted packing area. Nice otter and caravan. The snack bar was all kinds of good, lots of positive things to be said about the food there. Good job Mike. The landing area was nice, mowed, and very big. Lots of easy outs if you have a bad spot.
  3. I was just thrown on a load without asking to be put on one when I was there, and I jump a somewhat old rig. Its not dangerous but it is not the prettiest thing ever either. The guy who inspected my rig was forever making fun of me and my rig because of its appearance. I was not at all pleased with this dropzone.
  4. Hey, this is John Schlatter, the guy who had the horseshoe. I, now, will be the first to tell you that if you don't think your rig is free-fly friendly... don't free-fly in it. Luckily, it pulled my pilot chute out for me, otherwise i would have had no idea what was going on. I am also feelign lucky that my canopy didn't blow-up and I got to land underneath it safely. I don't think it was an unsafe move on Kramers part ot jump with me. I have been jumping (free-flying) in that rig for nearly a hundred jumps and that is the frist time it has done anyhting like that. But I do have to say there is a cool view from 8,500. Haha, happy days are for you everyone.