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  1. The photograhic uses of this public "loo" are mind-blowing!!! I can think of half-a-dozen shots I would love to do from inside there... NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  2. in the armpit of the country near the NM/Mexico border and having to drive several hours to a decent dropzone. NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  3. lol, that is pretty lame... I'll stick with my Ducati 748 and BMW K1200RS... I still don't "get" the pocket bike thing. I rather spend my money on a new exhaust for my car or more skydiving lessons. NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  4. I wouldn't mind seeing a Jetta fall out of the back of a C-130... NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  5. I remember my first big-time raise... it was a great feeling of vidication for all my years of busting my hump... Good luck to you! NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  6. I vote for biffing it into a wall during a hot-lap of Laguna Seca in a Ferrari... I personally hope I DON'T die while jumping. NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  7. mattjw916


    damn!!! stop all this donut talk, you are making me hungry... although it does seem like a idea for sneaking out of the office. NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  8. haha... they should make her read books on ethics and integrity while she is in the big house... I hope they don't let her skate by and go home during the appeals process. I say lock her up immediately!!! NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  9. lol, love the play by play... good info for the future... thanks! NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  10. just say "NO" to teh intarw3b dating... quite possibly the most emotionally unstable individuals in the history of the world are found online... myself included NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  11. intentional oversteer on the hwy + rain + new driver = NSCR-2376, SCR-15080