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  1. well that's kind of a bummer... says a lot that they don't think the US would be as lucrative as China going forward NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  2. I was very uncurrent (years) and went up one size and to a less aggressive design (just to be extra cautious). Within a month or so I went back to my normal canopy after I got the feel back then eight months later I downsized after a couple hundred jumps or so. Honestly it's more mental than anything else IMO. If you feel confident in what's over your head, you'll be fine. Having a nice margin for error is good though, like when having to land off on a night jump in a completely unfamiliar unlit place for instance. NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  3. personally I found it easier to learn belly to back and then back to belly rolls (both directions) before putting them together into a belly to belly roll... your lower body just looks like it's along for the ride, personally I drive my roll by dropping my knee down and driving it under my body and extend my arms to prevent the forward drive that can occur when rolling as required the extending a single arm on the rotating side and picking a point in space as reference as you roll (slowly!) over is also good advice also I'm not a big fan of "hucking" moves, obviously some require some power, but doing a slow controlled roll to a back fly then another slow controlled roll back to belly will let you feel the air and fly it, rather than just trying to power your way over and probably hit your face on the net just my $0.02... keep it up! edit: here's the first roll I could find of myself laying around, this one uses the reach forward method and I'm actually using my hips to drive the roll... and to nit-pick myself, my knees are too far apart and I'm too "noisy" in the air with extraneous movements... it's an old vid NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  4. Here's a 8 way RW jump shot on an AS100V at 1080p, 60fps, MP4 format, on natural color setting: Top mounted on my old Rawa using supplied sticky mount from Sony. I need to pick up a faster memory card so I can try out the XAVC-S mode. A trip to Fry's is in order I think. Also, the remote view/control app for the iPhone over wifi is pretty neat. I'm guessing it's a battery killer though; I probably should pick up an extra one of those too. NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  5. ~$50/jump before you even factor in travel, lodging, food, etc is pretty steep though. NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  6. if it's in a dry climate-controlled place you can just leave it packed ZP gets pretty sticky when you leave it in a dbag for a loooong time... basically it turns into a brick if you let it sit long enough... you can safely peel it apart though if you have the space, pull it out and repack it once in a while or just let it air out and shove it in a big plastic bin NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  7. that's not really a good reason to downsize, in fact my 150 @ 1.35 or so still gets rattled pretty good in turbulence a [email protected] isn't really "danger zone" but, that said it's about to get hot in SoCal and the landings are going to be fast on no-wind days with the density altitude factored in as well due to the heat increase... just bear that in mind plenty of non-swoopers have augured in under all sizes of canopies so just because you aren't hooking it doesn't mean you're off the hook... btw, get downsizing advice from people who have actually seen you land; math and the wingload charts are just a general guideline NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  8. if you reach the activation parameters of the device, it will activate... doesn't matter how you got there really if you cutaway low, don't expect to hit speeds sufficient enough to scare your AAD into firing and have enough time to make it through extraction, inflation, and deceleration before impact never go in without all your handles pulled NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  9. plan the dive, dive the plan... know the landing areas and all the outs, don't do big tracking dives or get in over your head om anything never done Summerfest but I did WFFC back in the day which was crazy big by modern standards just don't do stupid shit and you'll be fine NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  10. yeup, I have a Viso 1 that's still humming along after many years, great for night jumps too NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  11. Mirage G4, 16.5/21/std, I'm 6ft, 172lbs, and have an average build with a shortish torso for reference. "Stock container" generally just means it wasn't custom colors. What you need to find is: a. A container that fits the proper size main/reserve combo for you. b. A harness attached to said container that fits you reasonably comfortably. NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  12. +1 I added 200ft after I got mine back from being serviced last year. NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  13. the anti-Myers-Briggs people are just jealous they aren't INTJs... NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  14. if only there was someone at Perris you could ask about this you can always rent until you know what you want to buy... then pick up some used gear and jump it for a while then sell it on for basically what you paid for it go talk to the LOs in the RW area, they will steer you in the right direction (and maybe even help you find some used gear when you're ready) no real harm in picking up an altimeter, helmet and/or goggles if you have an idea of what you want/like NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  15. 0:6:0 then weathered out NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  16. words can't express how bad an idea that is... if you know for a fact your control lines are too long, fix it NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  17. yeup optimal+optimal=very tight in a Mirage and downright frustrating with a slippery new canopy I have an M3 and a Nitron 150 and an R-Max 148 are basically as tight as I'd want to go in it. I also had an M5 with a PD176 and a Safire 189 which I'd stick in the tight-ish category for reference. I went all the way down to a couple different 150s in it without it being too loose. Remember Mirage is in Florida so if you pack somewhere really, really dry like the desert optimal=tight. NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  18. Reminds me of this bad joke: Two blondes were flying to Miami from Cleveland. Fifteen minutes into the flight, the captain announced "One of the engines has failed and the flight will be an hour longer. But don't worry we have three engines left".Thirty minutes later, the captain announced "One more engine has failed and the flight will be two hours longer. But don't worry we have two engines left". An hour later the capain announced "One more engine has failed and the flight will be three hours longer. But don't worry we have one engine left". One blonde looked at the other the other blonde and said "If we lose one more engine, we'll be up here all day" NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  19. I'd have to give PD a nod for actually having canopies in stock and being able to deliver them in a timely manner too so there's also that. Sometimes you really just don't want to wait 3-4 months for a new canopy... NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  20. the cheaper one between those two it's personal preference IMO check out the Nitron too if you're interested in swooping, nice dives without the drama on opening... more flare than both with lighter riser pressure NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  21. 25 jumps, no tunnel, signed off by D#3343 NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  22. My most memorable canopy flight is a sunset cross-country load on New Year's Eve out of a DC-3 with dozens of canopies dotting the sky trailing off towards the DZ. For me personally, jumping canopies loaded under 1.2 or so you just feel like a "passenger" under them, or "ballast" in the case of .65 lol. Anything above 1.3 you feel more like a "pilot". That's when the fun begins IMO. Cheers NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  23. Probably a OP126 and Nitron 120 unless the new Zulu wins me over when I get a chance to jump one. NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  24. I've had a couple Mirages and I would err on the larger size if you are packing in a dry climate and/or planning on putting new canopies in there at some point. Packing two "optimal" size canopies with an AAD installed in a dry area yields a tight rig. I'd go with the MT (which coincidentally is the size of my next container) because you can put a bigger reserve in it. Depending on which reserve you plan on putting in it the max suspended weight could come into play for the very small sizes. That's one number I'd never exceed. NSCR-2376, SCR-15080