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  1. I don't even own a PD Reserve anymore... I was addressing the shitty logic in the decision not to use one. NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  2. So you avoid what is basically the most tried and true reserve on the market because the manufacturer is trying their best to save you from yourself? Brilliant! NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  3. if the ground winds are high enough to reduce forward drive to near zero, I'd just add more rotation and trust my rears... NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  4. tunnel is awesome if you can afford it, do it... lots of it... NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  5. The bad main packjob? Big empty area, follows freebag and main down, lands safely after performing EPs at what I'm assuming was quite high. It's Holland so unlike America the farmers probably aren't shooting at you. Maybe I'm missing something but I don't see any reason to frame by frame through that vid. The main mal still had nearly twice as much fabric as my normal main does. I would've chopped that for sure though. NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  6. Is that the Qatar special forces? Never go full Qatarded.... NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  7. I hope you are better at skydiving than statistics... The risk isn't cumulative, it's the same for each jump, since each jump is an independent event with no connection to previous events. Just like a coin toss. NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  8. it's a personal decision IMO... if you think doing another tandem will make your AFF go smoother then go ahead personally I'd spend money on tunnel at this point or just go do AFF... the best way to deal with nerves is jump... a lot NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  9. last I heard Square1 is a hiperusa dealer... I've had 3 Nitrons and jumped the old Gelvenor Nitro too and honestly the Nitron opened better and flew about he same IMO... I'd just order one of those if you like them. NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  10. I always tell people who ask (usually whuffos) that I'd strip naked and track as far as possible from the impending crash if I was in a plane that broke-up in the sky without a rig... just to give the news something to talk about later. I think never finding my body would earn me a DB Cooper number... NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  11. Everything has crashed at one point or another, even Otters. Not sure what your point is really. NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  12. Larry Hill has a Beech 18 at Eloy... I don't know if they fly it anymore but I jumped it many years ago. You could probably inquire there if you need additional info. NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  13. working as intended NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  14. I just happened to have a 2006 SIM on my shelf and this "successful completion of the planned formation(s) on ten group freefall jumps" is indeed listed as a B license requirement. NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  15. I've never seen a modern Javelin that had a properly sized main come open in freefall. Plenty of people freefly in them. On the other hand, worn out unmaintained rigs that have a main that's really too large for the pack tray frequently will... but that's not specific to Javelins. I've seen old Infinities, Talons, and anything else with main pin protection that tucks "up" do the same thing. Bottom line IMO, is if you don't over-stuff your rig and take care of it you will never have to worry about pin covers coming open. NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  16. lol, age is not a component of fall rate being in shape does make everything easier though NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  17. exactly this I won't order another container with neon orange panels again for this reason. The color on mine is getting really washed out. NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  18. the tunnel will destroy suits... especially ones with a lot of drag like the "brand X" suits I often see the newbs sporting bad landings also kill suits in no time NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  19. unless you are 5ft 4 you are probably too floaty with all that crap NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  20. I always try to err on the short side versus over-shooting... that way you will have least got a good look at where you're going to land (if you fly a normal pattern) instead of floating over obstacles that you didn't expect to encounter. Personally I avoid asphalt at dropzones since that's generally where the cars and the planes are. Air can do unexpected things so always be ready (plus it's invisible). Never stop flying your wing until you are safely landed and all momentum has been arrested. You can encounter gusts, rotors, turbulence, etc over grass as well so I wouldn't focus too much on the landing surface as much as simply flying your canopy safely. NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  21. Don't lump the whole country in with that shit-hole known as NYC. NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  22. Do some tunnel and work on your arch and leg awareness, go hang out at the DZ, make some friends, drink some beers, and schedule your next level. Spend less time dwelling on what probably won't happen (mals and such) and more time on what you want to happen, which is finish AFF and get licensed I presume. Hell, I still don't have a cutaway after 10ish years of jumping off and on... practice your EP's, get some hanging harness in, and don't stress over it. NSCR-2376, SCR-15080
  23. 'cause swoopers never slide? NSCR-2376, SCR-15080