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  1. StealthyB

    Jim Archuletta

    Hi Steve, Sorry for your loss, your Dad was a great guy, signed off on my D license sometime back in the mid 80's, condolences to you and your family, give my best to your uncles, Dutch and Archie,.. Brendan D9851
  2. StealthyB

    first 10 jumps with the epicene

    Thanks, interesting! Curious about other Wingsuit specific mods to gear? size of bridle? type of bag? ( stowed? semi-stowless? Freepacked? ) container? Model? Dynamic corners? Unstitched? any other wingsuit specific mods? Thanks,... B
  3. StealthyB

    Luis Marino from Honolulu, Hawaii

    Damn!!! very sorry to hear this, :-( Thanks for posting.
  4. StealthyB

    The Horizontal Flight Problem

    Very good article, thank you, but there is another problem that has been cropping up with horizontal flyers and it's the large Tracking suits. I am currently at a DZ in Northern Europe and our only aircraft is a Twin otter, and of course we put AFF's and Tandems on the loads. We put Trackers out first and Wingsuiters out after the High opening AFF and Tandems. There has been some confusion as to where those wearing large tracking suits should exit, and they are often just before the WS'ers and after the Tandems. I have had inexperienced jumpers who are tracking without a suit attempt to exit after me on my Tandem or AFF telling me trackers go later (as has become acceptable with those tracking in PF and Tube suits ) personally I don't even want a jumper in a tracking suit to follow me as I don't consider him to be in the same slowfall category as a Wingsuiter.I know some DZ's have the TMs exit first, but overall I don't agree with this. And we have tried to keep a policy of no more than two tracking groups per load, although manifest doesn't always catch this. Anyway, Great article, Thanks.