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  1. Don't dance while drunk wearing them
  2. Happy birthday Steve!!!
  3. If Beth says we can do it in Fitzgerald I would be honored to host such a fine event. Done. You're the host. Consider MY fee as the sport's premiere Professional Emcee, complimentary. (With Jump tickets reluctantly, but graciously accepted as gratuities.) Is your name Beth?
  4. I'm shocked as her manager she never mentioned a word to me... and I spent the last 3 weekends with her... g Will you ever forgive me!
  5. I keep trying to get BBM 5.0 on mine but it won't work and now I seem to have lost BBM completely on there. Perhaps it's for the best.
  6. That was my first thought too... what's happened to me?!
  7. You should come to Atlanta that weekend instead
  8. Aw... I'll come out of hiding for this Miss you too!!! Next month can't get here soon enough!
  9. Great work girl! One year we will actually walk together!
  10. Wow... just wow. I hope they get rid of that soon!
  11. Mine is 31ABFE36... I've tried to add a few of you but it doesn't seem to have gone through
  12. McBeth


    But it just isn't a sunshine day
  13. I guess that is why we get along so well. I have heard the same descriptions of me in many different situations and I don't think either one is true
  14. BikerBabe (Andi) brianfry713 (Brian) Cashmanimal (Alex) diablopilot (JP) dse (Spot) Feeblemind (Phil) flyangel1 (Mary) Flygirl1 (Leah) Fozz (John) Grannyinthesky (Pat) headoverheels (Gary) jamiem (Jamie) longwaytofall (Micah) McBeth (Beth) Monkeyboy (Sean) mswallin13 (Matt) NWflyer (Krisanne) siddacious sivaganesha (David) skybytch (lisa) some guy named mike (Mike) tallguy (Tall Guy) vegasjoe (Joe) wmw999 (Wendy) I'll be there to hang out Saturday afternoon and evening.
  15. McBeth


    I am bringing a nice bottle of wine to toast her with Steve and Gia tonight at Yosemite.