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  1. Hey Did you try to sart up and close the vigil soft ? After, when all is open, make sure to not move the controler from the black box. Sometimes you have to lift up a little bit the controller to make the right connection. And you must see the blue bar moving down the screen. Let me know.
  2. Hello to all. This information bulletin has been send to all our dealers worldwilde and is posted here to be read by the most possible users. Information about the "Airbone" status and Manual on Vigil II. First, we would like to emphasize importance of reading and understanding the Vigil User’s Manual before using the Vigill II AAD It is important to keep in mind that each AAD brand has its own specific features or methods of operation. The VIGIL II User’s Manual (latest version: VII.0.2) has been updated recently to add information related to the “AIRBORNE” or “ACTIVE” status of the Vigil II. This has been added to clarify some of the functional parameters of this life saving device. For instance, the Vigil II has a safety feature that will keep the unit active when it detects that the unit is Airborne. This is to prevent the Vigil from switching off after 14 hours if the unit is still Airborne. There are many documented cases of early generation AAD’s that have switched off after 14 hours even if the jumper was still in an aircraft or in freefall. The feature programmed into all Vigil II’s will prevent this and keep the unit on in half hour increments until the unit is back at its switch on altitude (this means in a zone of ±150ft or ±46m) or the reference pressure or the “Ground Zero”. We have summarized the information linked to this subject, as it is mentioned in our User’s Manual: Page 4: Your Vigil must be exclusively switched ON at the take-off zone (reference altitude or ground zero). If you want to change of drop zone, please switch off your Vigil before traveling and switch it back on at the new drop zone before take-off. Page 8: If the Vigil is airborne due to a difference in pressure equivalent to more than ±150ft (±46m) compared to the “ground zero” reference (pressure), it is highly recommended to switch off your Vigil after your last jump of the day. Be aware that your Vigil will not switch off as long as its “ground zero” reference altitude is not measured again (at ±150ft or ±46m) by the Vigil. Page 15: Important note: Please be aware that the original “GROUND ZERO” reference as well as the altitude correction will remain in the Vigil’s memory and will be applied to all following jumps, as long as your Vigil has not been switched off. Your Vigil must be recalibrated when you have landed at the other drop zone. By switching your Vigil off and back on again, the Vigil recalibrates itself and remember that the set “Alt Cor” will only be cancelled if reconfigured in the setup menu. Page 18: After switch on, the Vigil stays on for a period of 14 hours and will then switch off automatically if at “ground zero” reference. Once off, it will keep all settings in its memory for next jumps. Page 19: The Vigil is now ready for use and is in a stand-by status. The unit recalibrates itself every 32 sec. During take-off, the Vigil will go to an active status (8 measurements per sec.) when reaching 150 feet (+46m or 46m) above or under the “GROUND ZERO” reference in a time of maximum 32 sec. Vigil’s active status will be confirmed by five short flashes of the green LED and when the Activation Altitude is reached, the red LED will flash three times. Check the unit carefully for any implemented mode or altitude correction in ft or m before each jump. Page 20: See “Flight restriction for the pilot – Airborne” drawing. This is the only restriction for your Vigil. Inside this zone, the Vigil is in stand-by status, measuring every 32 seconds with recalibration and outside in active status , with a fixed reference, measuring 8 times per second. Vigil will work correctly even when used in a pressurized cabin, as long as the pressure differs at least ±5hPa compared to the atmospheric air pressure at takeoff. Page 21: As long as your Vigil is not measuring the switch on pressure or its “ground zero” reference (at ±150ft or ±46m) it will stay airborne and will not switch off even after 14 hours. This as long as the “ground zero” reference pressure (at ±150ft or ±46m) is not measured. Therefore, you need to switch off your Vigil before any move to another location and switch on your Vigil at the new drop zone to implement the new “ground zero” reference. Be aware that the implemented altitude correction will not affect the original “ground zero” reference altitude. It will just adapt the opening altitude in function of the set altitude correction parameters. After such a jump, you need to switch your Vigil off and back on again to implement the new “ground zero” reference altitude and to cancel the previous altitude correction. Page 22: You must switch the Vigil ON only once you arrive at the drop zone to get the correct “GROUND ZERO” REFERENCE. Adjust your altitude correction accordingly if needed. The Vigil will shut down automatically 14 hours after its start-up if at “ground zero” reference (at ±150ft or ±46m). Remember: you can always download the latest version of our User’s Manual on our website (www.vigil.aero). We thank you for your continued support and stay of course at your full disposal for any further information you could require (info@vigil.aero). Blue skies, VIGIL TEAM
  3. Popovitch


    Hello... Check here... http://www.vigil.aero/how-installationkit.php Have a nice day !
  4. Hi, They made modifications. Thanks. http://www.ffp.asso.fr/IMG/pdf/CS_136_modifiee.pdf
  5. Hello, Which is the goal of your post? This bulletin left the 21/02... And the subject was already tackled many time... If you need more infos feel free to ask. All my best.
  6. Fiew days..... Be patient......
  7. Hello, I'm sorry but what you trying to say, its not true !! We are in contact with the owner of the DZ...So update your informations... Its too easy to try to play this kind of game... Anyway, we wait the unit back, and when we receive it and analyse it, i will keep you updated. But please, if you have something to tell to a company ...why you go straight to a forum ??? And also its too easy to put something like this without any name !!! You can contact me when you want. All my best...
  8. Chris, Sorry to don't have answer correctly to you request. Mark thanks for your help... Take Care
  9. I think my english is too bad and you don't really understand what i want to say. So appologize for my poor french native english... If you read our statement, its perfectly write what's happend and what we do. I never say that is not happend. The best proof is what we write on our web site ! isn't it ? I think honestly that we are the only one in this industry to communicate on every thing. Correct me if i'm wrong. Thanks for your interest and again sorry for my bad english spoken.
  10. Hello. Good to know that your "very reputable source" have not tell you the correct information. Please go here: http://www.vigil.aero/home.php Everything is write, Honest, True, and OPEN !!!. Thanks .
  11. Ian, I will but not now, cause i don't push the page on line now... Just wait the "Official launch"... I will keep you updated !.. Thanks for your interest.
  12. Hello to all, About our new Guardian Angel... We have a small delay, the Vigil 2 is ready at 99%, but we want 100% as a safety device... Still planning to ship early April... I will keep you inform soon ! Feel free to contact me. Thanks for your patience.
  13. Hi, If you have a vigil you can have that on screen... See you
  14. Here is what i found on Vigil Web Site : http://www.vigil.aero/home.php Have a nice Week end.
  15. Ok. my english is too bad. So i hope you have better things to do now.... See you !!