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  1. Hope you are on your way to get the case of beer for your buddy..
  2. I have a rawa box side mount and CX100. battery I went with is np90 fits perfect inside the box. 271 min on battery.
  3. Ok bit of an issue. Camera HDR CX100 with hypeye pro d. If I try to turn it off with hypeye the camera shuts off and then turns back on after 3 sec. I did disable the power on by LCD. any suggestions on how to turn off camera with hypeye pro and stay off?
  4. No issues here. The only issue is when you tuck it inside the pouch, after a while if you not careful you might get small holes in your pilot chute. I had to put in a patch.
  5. Plan a nice vacation to U.S. Pick a DZ with nice weather. Contact the DZ ask about AFF program and price. Or pick a DZ in Europe do the same thing. Contact multi DZ's so you could get the best deal.
  6. I don't think anything is open in early March too cold, This place opens late March early April, You could check out Jump ticket 70 zloty about $29. Nice plane turbo let landing area is huge, Nice people I am sure someone speaks English there. There are couple of other DZ but thats the only one I have been to. Did not jump weather was crapy.
  7. Chicagoland Chicagoland Chicagoland Chicagoland Chicagoland And Chicagoland Eloy Elsinore SDC
  8. Pawel


    Great canopy if you starting to learn how to swoop. Great openings if you body is in good position other wise will turn 90-180 degrees. No issues doing video with it and coming from a long spot. Great riser pressures on turns. Canopy likes speed but be careful. I demo the Katana and purchased it same day. Second Katana got week later for 2nd rig.
  9. On this site there is a section called classifieds go check it out look for complete systems. It will give you idea how much you might spend. Maybe you will even find something you like
  10. Pawel


    I was told to imagine you have your feet hanging on a bar by your toes. Roll your shoulders in, don't expose your chest. Push your hip in and relax. Other then going and doing jumps you won't learn by just someone telling you what to do. Have fun get a coach.
  11. Pawel

    Camera Suit

    I have ordered my Camera Jacket May 30th on rush delivery from flite suits got it on June 8 super fast. The suit looks to be well made and fits me as it should. Thank you flite suits and who ever made it.
  12. Any bigger hotel in down town will have a bash about $350 with the room. If you want you could call banquet halls out down town area most have New years bash.
  13. Chicagoland otter is already in Puerto Escondido. Have fun.
  14. Same web site you provided has the answers you seek. Read on. []
  15. I think it's already in use. My DZ could tell me how many jumps I did and how much to pay. Or check your log book x $ per jump= total you pay plus beer.