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  1. This!

    The tab from the soft link on the front riser wrapped around some lines from the rear. How likely is to happen again?! Not very likely. Reserves have wider risers and will be more difficult from the tab to cause problems, but why take the chance? If you tack the links loosely to only one side, is still easy to check the routing. Like always in rigging, you will get 14 different answers from 10 different riggers and they all will tell you theirs is the correct one.

    For the record, I tack reserve soft links and never had any problem with doing so... I also have no problem with riggers who choose not to...

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  2. On 4/26/2020 at 11:49 AM, tripp9r said:

    I would also consider a paratec speed 2000 170 sqft which packs about 30 cui smaller then a 143 Optimum.

    Had two rides on a 150 speed... One highspeed and one lowspeed opening, both went just fine. 

    No way Speed 2000 170 will fit into I-23SN. Speed 2000 150 is a tight fit with no space left. If your information comes from watching sizing charts, mine is from packing the same configuration many times. Once again, Speed 2000 170 does NOT pack as small as an Optimum 143

  3. If you are on the market for a new reserve, what's your reason for not getting a PDR?

    Is 30 years on the market and close to 60 000 reserves out not good enough to convince you? If it's about the price, the 100-200 bucks you gonna "save" by choosing it over a PDR for example, you gonna loose the moment you try to resale it.

    About the RUSH, I have packed many of them over the years. Nothing special. The ones I have packed had orange stitching (which is very nice for inspecting) and some custom made Spectra lines. Will I recommend it? Not likely. Having seen an average guy stalled a 130 sq.ft on landing, I would assume it's not build to handle heavy wing load. ( not that there's an excuse for jumping a small reserve with high wing load, but other reserves handle higher WLs just fine)

  4. 1 hour ago, gunsmokex said:

    Simple question, probably a complicated answer. Talking with my rigger he stated that the webbing over 20 yrs loses 1/2 of its strength. Is this true?!? Just wondering because my container is from the mid 90's and that statement worries me....a lot.

    If that statement was correct, we would be having people falling out of harnesses every other weekend...

    I have no problem working on "closet queens" from the 90's, as long as people understand the limitation on the rigs build back then.

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  5. On 3/6/2019 at 8:37 PM, jakebaustin said:

    I am not jumping a AAD that hasn't been sent in for maintenance, I am just curious. Have there have been any incidents where a Cypress that was past its maintenance due date malfunctioned before during or after a Skydive? And if so, does anyone have links with information? I Don't need an explanation on what ifs and what is legal or not. Simply looking for incidents where a jumper with a due for maintenance CYPRESS had a malfunction(misfire) specifically as a result of the AAD being overdue for Maintenance and not functioning properly. Thanks! 

    The biggest problem in this forum is that when you ask a very specific question like you did, and even though you said you don't care about the legal issues, people can't simply answer your question. Didn't take long before the first person said, you can't pack it according to the rules. Then somebody else steps in with his opinion on the rules.....and then the fight starts. And the thing is, they might talk about the rules of different countries. Further down the road, somebody will start a brand war. 5 months later and 375 posts about all of the above, someone might actually answer your question. Good luck!

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  6. I personally find UPT's sizing chart to be spot on only in regards to PD reserves. Everything else there is way off.
    If we look at the V348, we see a Techno 155 and a PDR 160 listed as standard. In reality Techno 155 packs smaller than PDR143. And then is Speed 170 listed as "full", but it actually pack smaller than a Techno 155.
    The best way is to try it!
    "My belief is that once the doctor whacks you on the butt, all guarantees are off" Jerry Baumchen

  7. gowlerk

    You probably have a Vector. It uses no hardware at all to attach the bridle to the bag. But they are the only ones I've seen that can do so.

    VSE is using similar setup on Infinity, although they use the kill line to connect to the canopy. Very smart design. Aerodyne also did something similar like UPT for a short period of time.
    Like Betzila pointed out, those should be used on D-bags with grommet #4 only. Unfortunately so many jumpers think they know better when they swap parts from rig to rig.
    "My belief is that once the doctor whacks you on the butt, all guarantees are off" Jerry Baumchen

  8. 2legit86

    That's a negative.

    So what knowledge you put behind that statement? Is that what the dealer told you? Because this seams to be the talk of dealers selling those rigs. "Dude, it's exactly like a Javelin! Just 1000 bucks cheaper, but the quality is higher"
    And that of course is far from the reality.
    "My belief is that once the doctor whacks you on the butt, all guarantees are off" Jerry Baumchen

  9. LeeroyJenkins

    I really wish I saved it. I know it’s floating around here somewhere. There is a set of pictures comparing the old RPC to the new RPC and is is quite different.

    I made those pictures, but they fall under " unsourced hearsay here on" so that makes the redesign of the RPC not real. Kinda like the "flat Earth believers" don't trust the pictures from NASA.
    But here's another one I took 5 min ago. Once again, I don't work for Sunrise rigging , so this is probably a fake one as well ;)

    And just to calm that dude down, they don't have to release an SB if they change the design. Did you see an SB from UPT when they switched from tuck tab riser covers to magnetic?
    "My belief is that once the doctor whacks you on the butt, all guarantees are off" Jerry Baumchen


  10. mark

    ******Does wings use larger PC size for the larger reserves?

    One size fits all!

    That's also true for: UPT, Sunpath, RI, Mirage, etc.


    I'm fully aware of this. Except for Racers. If we want to start nitpicking ;)
    "My belief is that once the doctor whacks you on the butt, all guarantees are off" Jerry Baumchen

  11. What you are describing are the old Mirage risers.
    Rigging Innovations did something similar as well. So it's one of the two. A picture should be enough for me to tell you which one is exactly.
    "My belief is that once the doctor whacks you on the butt, all guarantees are off" Jerry Baumchen

  12. Harry,

    I honestly don't care what their business model or strategy is. All I care is that now I will have to explain jumpers why their maintenance free unit will have to go back to the manufacturer for some maintenance. And despite the fact that AAD will cover the expenses on their end, people will still pay for shipping to them and whatever their rigger charge them for getting the Vigil out, filling the paperwork, and shipping and handling...See my point? Where is the brand war?

    And this is from the service bulletin that I obviously didn't read:

    "For all users NOT making, or planning to make, a jump with an exit altitude above 27,000 ft MSL, or planning to make a flight above 27,000 ft MSL, compliance is still mandatory..."
    "My belief is that once the doctor whacks you on the butt, all guarantees are off" Jerry Baumchen

  13. I still wonder why the folks at AAD, don't just admit that the whole 20 years maintenance free concept doesn't work, and introduce a mandatory maintenance schedule. They kinda did something similar with the decision to not ship batteries, so you have to send your unit back. We will probably never know...
    "My belief is that once the doctor whacks you on the butt, all guarantees are off" Jerry Baumchen