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  1. Congratulations Russel and Amy!!! I'm very happy for the both of you!
  2. Hey everybody- I hate to be the bearer of more bad news, but we have more burning happening at the Perrine. On Sunday, July 25th, JT Holmes jumped with a buddies surfboard. He did a floater exit and upon the opening of the canopy he lost the board. This act is bad in itself, but to add to the danger, there were three boats coming up the river when this all happened. If JT had waited a few more seconds, one of the innocent by-standers could have been seriously injured. I ask for your help in the fight to stop the burning. Thank you for your cooperation. Meghan
  3. Hey everyone! I think it is important that each person in the BASE community knows that the most popular legal BASE site, located in Twin Falls, Idaho, is being abused. There are people in Twin who are continually jumping off the rail and jumping with water skis on. One jumper has been confronted with the local police about jumping with water skis and continues to do this act. These people also had 2 of the local news stations out to film their jumps from the day and broadcast them on the local news. I have one question for these men. Why ruin such a wonderful object for jumpers and future jumpers? You aren't doing any favors for the BASE community. Meghan "Live like you are dying."