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Gear Reviews posted by Odin

  1. I've put about 50 jumps on my new 189 Safire2. I watched Natecoon's first landing on his and I can vouch for the "long" glide. He just about went into the buildings, just like I just about went into the runway from 200' above ground on the other side of the landing area. It just goes and goes. Very fast recovery from toggle and riser input and responds well to body input form harness turns. I load it about 1.25:1 and love the response. Only scary jump was pulling at 11,000' for a X-country jump and watching the canopy still slowly opening at 9,000'. On the other hand, it was beautiful to watch it slowly unfurl-I just wouldn't exit at 3,000' and expect it to be open in time to set up a pattern unless I dove to 2,000' and built up speed.