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  1. AWESOME!!! Thanks a lot for your help DSE, I really appreciate it. I will find out more about my system and the requirements from Sony software. Sweet as!!! Have a great time! Mauricio PS: I will keep posted about how it goes from downunder...
  2. Hi everyone! Sooooo, I am from New Zealand and i got my CX100E a week ago and reading all the post you guys have here i have some questions. 1- How can i edit the videos i download from my camera to my Laptop(it isn't a Mac)? What is the best software for it, or, what software(s) are the compatible to do it? 2- Do I need a Mac to do the edition? 3- Why this camera wouldnt be cool to do tandems video? 4- I am having problems to edit and watch my download videos even in the software original from Sony, any one use it before? Thanks for you time and Attention Mauricio
  3. I just post a scam from the same person(e-mail) just before. really bad scam... Mauricio
  4. Hi everyone ! Someone could please help me with what HD camera would be better to do Handycam and outside camera work ? and what camera is compatible with cam eye or "Hyper eye" (if have any) ? Thanks for your time. Mauricio
  5. The rig is confortabel made for skydivers to skydivers. The main D bag container is made to suit all kind of skydiving styles (FF, RW, Wingsuit, etc...). I own other rigs before and the ICON does everything the others do with a excelent price. Well, I need say, and with a great costumer support as well ! Thanks Aerodyne !
  6. Hi everyone, I want find the packing manual for Atom Tandem Rig, but, where is the Parachutes de France Website ??? Please, can someone help me ? Thanks a lot. Mauricio
  7. Thanks guys again, all ways we can have some to learn. About change the lines I don't believe was the solution, I believe only the wrap in the lines make some (Big) diference. However, Thanks a lot everybody, any change I will let Know. Mauricio.
  8. Hi everyone, no long ago I post about my very hard openning with my Velocity, lots of you send me answers and now I believe I havwe the real Answer. After change the steering lines in my canopy the follows jumps is absolute briliant, the answers was, wrap the lines very tight and enough to dont have one D bag lock and never let to much line loss between the last Wrap in the rubberband and the risers. That is it guys, soft opennings with longs swoooooop. Mauricio
  9. I have the glove to this camera, if you like buy, is 230 USD$ and I pay shipping. The size the glove is large. [email protected]
  10. Hi guys, I have exactly same e-mail from this address about my canopy for sale.
  11. Hi Karen and others. Thank you so much for the help you give me, right now I want wait my canopy come back from the repair on the steering lines, and I promise I will try some this tecnics. Thanks a lot. Mauricio. Big Daddy Skydiving Cromwell - New Zealand
  12. Thanks for reminde me about the Pysico Pack, I really will try. Only to reminde about My WL is 2.2 and my Velocity is 120SFt.
  13. Sorry guys ! What I want here is help to make better opennings for me, opinion about what can I do to change this situation. My profile is : 15 years in the sport; 2500 + jumps 1200 sport jumps between camera and others include swoops.; 1300 tandens jumps