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  1. Bye Debbie, you're going to be missed. leslieann
  2. Sally, please accept my deepest sympathies. Charlie was great guy. May you find comfort in his love for you. leslieann
  3. It was a really, really fun event! Thanks to EVERYONE for making this such a huge success. I look forward to next year's competition! Happy Birthday Laura!! leslieann
  4. I am very saddened to hear of Kelley's passing. My deepest sympathies to Kelley's family and friends. leslieann
  5. It was Mike, Patty, Phil, Donna, Ski, Arlo, me...oh shoot, I can't remember who else. Help me out guys, age is starting to catch up with me!! Leslieann
  6. Best Wishes to you, Tony. You'll be missed at the dz, but you've got to follow your dreams. Thanks for all the skydiving photos over the years. Go rock the music world! Richard & Leslieann
  7. Do you know when it closed and why? Will it be reopening? leslieann
  8. OMG! Randy, I'm glad to hear you're going to be alright. I wish you a full and speedy recovery. leslieann
  9. None of the above! I have 3 really terrific cats. They have a cat door and go outside. However, when a hurricane comes our way and I have to close the cat door, I usually put the litter box in the bathroom. That way, only one place in the house is for "taking care of business." Cleaning the litter box several times daily eliminates all odors & messy problems! Leslieann
  10. Just because its posted in the NYT you believe it?! Call me cynical, but I'd like to know (1) who did they poll? employed workers? unemployed workers? people (i.e. very wealthy or young adults) who may not need or want health insurance? were they all US citizens? (2) at what time of the day did they contact people? (3) what were the questions asked? how were the questions worded? (many times polsters word questions to suppport a preconceived outcome) (4) were they mutliple choice answers or open-ended? (5) what was the sampling size? (7) what is the margin of error? There are way too many unknowns to believe this one! leslieann
  11. Wow! That's awesome, the asshole even had an honorable mention on Paul Harvey's news! MUFF MUFF
  12. Johnny, you always made us both feel welcome at the dropzone. I will always remember the smiles and great skydives. And when my husband went missing, I always new where to find him! MUFF MUFF MUFF You'll be missed, but NEVER forgotten. Leslieann MB-1602 Richard MB-2750
  13. Kudos to Oren. You did an awesome job in organizing the event!! It was a LOT of fun - leslieann
  14. I'll be there. It should be lots of fun. leslieann