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  1. I hadn't jumped for 2 years prior to visiting EMS - and that day with them reminded me of all I loved about this sport. They kindly and patiently made sure I was properly refreshed. Everyone watches out for each other and offers kind suggestions. I immediately felt comfortable and at home there. It's just such a fun, safe environment that I would highly recommend every level of jumper to visit EMS.
  2. Thank you for this post - I had just received an inquiry from this buyer yesterday. freefall puts everything in perspective
  3. hahahaha - that costume is hilarious! if there was ever a reason to get a boyfriend - its so I could be part of that costume! My costume plans for this year: SPIDERMAN ....I think its fun to be an adult female wearing classically boy costumes. That and its a hell of a lot more comfortable than being the typical hoochy kitty/angel/temptress costumes. freefall puts everything in perspective
  4. Grossest one I ever had was the Dirty Mexican - Tequila, Tabasco and Mayonnaise - 21st birthday shot freefall puts everything in perspective
  5. I was wondering if anyone here knew of a website or something that had good airfare deals other than the traditional ones that come up on google. Looking to do some traveling to warmer areas this winter for jumping. freefall puts everything in perspective
  6. You dont have to worry about getting all your "skills" down right away. If your anxious about soloing - then that should be one of the things you work to get over. Maybe you shouldnt put a lot of pressure on yourself - just jump belly to earth and enjoy the fall. Gaining confidence in this sport is just as valuable (or perhaps more so) than flips and barrel rolls. Flips and everything are tons of fun - but I spend more time just working on fall rate, turns, and simple motion. I just got my A at the beginning of the summer - and its a trip not being the "new kid" anymore. In just a few jumps you'll be able to jump with anyone - and not all of them will be as practiced as a coach. Do whatever you feel comfortable with - but dont think a jump that isnt working directly towards license skills is a waste - every jump is supposed to be awesome! freefall puts everything in perspective
  7. If the skydiver was "seriously" injured - then how would he be able to jump again? Obviously if the person is able to jump they have made a full recovery. We all know the risks we are taking every time we get into that plane. Filing a lawsuit for accidents in this sport is just ridiculous. Suing a DZ is almost as stupid as that woman who sued McDonalds for hot coffee. I would not want that person jumping at my DZ. freefall puts everything in perspective
  8. tracylu

    Monday Funny

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA I appreciated the joke - didnt realize there were so many republicans in the forum though freefall puts everything in perspective
  9. tracylu

    tattoo help

    I think if you color in blue between the sun beams it'll only lessen the contrast and have the pins blend in. I think you picked a good design to start, and cant really see how you could modify it to make it better. Best of luck figuring it out and congrats again on the A! freefall puts everything in perspective