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  1. Not sure what you're working with but if you're working with photoshop for example you can set a the workspace to a certain camera YMCK profile - so that your monitor will sync to the printout. there are a set of printers profiles in photoshop, and some places also have printer profiles for download incase you dont already have one for that specific printer - you should check with the lab you're using what printer they are using - and if they have a setting that you can use to preview the coloring of that printer on your monitor. Be Simple, Be Creative, Bee! Sharon.
  2. Thats by far: 1. The easiest solution 2. The Fastest solution 3. the most reasonable solution plus you get more time for beer Be Simple, Be Creative, Bee! Sharon.
  3. do not mistake the visible quality on a computer monitor (Movieshaker) and the final quality as seen on a TV monitor (especially larger TVs and projectors) as a rule of thumb - everything looks amazing on a computer monitor. it's TV quality and beyond that we all seek after. DV quality is just plain (far) better then mpeg4. Be Simple, Be Creative, Bee! Sharon.
  4. skyfly


    did I hear beer ? Be Simple, Be Creative, Bee! Sharon.
  5. for video editing - your video card doesnt play a big a part as you would think. all the rendering is done on the cpu. where you'll notice the big difference is in CAD applications - BIG TIME - 3d rendering is based on the video card capabilities. Be Simple, Be Creative, Bee! Sharon.
  6. FYI - the DV walkman has the same video heads and gear as the DV cameras - more delicate, and less robust then the DV decks. on top of longer lifetime, the DV decks are also faster when it comes to FF/RW and batch capturing. Be Simple, Be Creative, Bee! Sharon.
  7. I gotta say, the .3 has a reasonable distortion, but the .2 with all the respect to the quality - is just too fishy for me. Be Simple, Be Creative, Bee! Sharon.
  8. Had the same issue with the Sigma 14mm and my Canon 10D- contacted sigma and the response was: "When the lens was constructed the technology of the camera wasnt available, therefor the lens firmware does not support the new 10D camera, out suggestion for you is to buy the NEW 14mm lens which IS constructed to work with the 10D" (mind you - I had the old 14mm f3.5 lens) so I guess with the new 20D the same thing will happen with older sigma lenses. your only hope is that sigma is still offering firmware upgrades for the lens you possess. Be Simple, Be Creative, Bee! Sharon.
  9. ZP will plane out more then F111 because it lets less air go through it, thus having higher resistance to the incoming wind and producing more lift - stronger flare, and will plane out more. the crossfire (or crossfire 2) is consideres a HIGH PERFORMANCE elliptical canopy, I wouldnt rush to that one with ~80 jumps .... nor many jumps after that, and by the way - the Crossfire really doesnt perform so well unless you load it at least at 1.4 (anyone knows better?), I would suggest going with a non elliptical ZP canopy as an upgrade to your PD190, you'll love the difference. Be Simple, Be Creative, Bee! Sharon.
  10. It freaked me OUT, all the new flash icons shake like they are on SPEED ..... fast is slow, and slow is fast? NO - Fast is fast, and slow is slow... Be Simple, Be Creative, Bee! Sharon.
  11. Congrats Curt ! Congrats Ian ! ....bummed... still waiting for my canopy ... Be Simple, Be Creative, Bee! Sharon.
  12. Welcome to Hollywood, There are alot of issues with convertions to widescreen - basically if you havent shot the original in WS, your in for quite a ride. one way you can get a widescreen view - is to actually crop your 4x3 footage - you're basically leaving your footage 4x3, but you're adding the letterbox top and bottom. another way is to actually convert your footage to 16x9 - which converts the resolution of your footage to 16x9 widescreen format - only thing is - if you view this on a true widescreen monitor - it should play wide- but if you play this on a regular TV - you will NOT get the letterbox (top and bottom black bars) but actually get the 4x3 portion of your NOW 16x9 footage. when using 4x3 original footage to a 16x9 product you'll have to publish 2 versions if you want to cater to everyone : 1. for 4x3 TV viewers (most people) - with a CROP version. and 2.a 16x9 converted footage for wide screen viewers. That is my experience in the field. Be Simple, Be Creative, Bee! Sharon.
  13. check this one out: memorial tracking dive post Be Simple, Be Creative, Bee! Sharon.
  14. We had a 22 way tracking dive at Perris Valley this weekend in memory of Nathan, and wanted to share the view of those moments with everyone here, hoping to touch some hurting souls. It is greiving that we must pay for some lessons with the highest price, and it is for that price that I believe that we should make the most of it, and keep up, and pass on the knowledge and safety that we learn in our DZs. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for organizing this dive, and for everyone who participate in it, in the sky, on the ground, or in spirit alone. Thank you for letting me use your footage of that jump: Alex Allen, Jat Epstein, and Josh Raimond. I wish all the hurting spirits out there a quick strong healing. Perris Valley 22 way Tracking Dive July 19 2004 (14Mb file) Peace, Blue Skies, Sharon Lev.
  15. the CF card slots unlike SD cards / memory sticks (etc) have pins that fit into the CF card. As a warning the sales people always tell you to be carefull of this, this is not an issue with the Canon D-Rebel in particular, but with any CF slots out there. Yes, this is the age of technology, and as things get smaller and more delicate we in return have to develop a softer touch for them. sorry to hear your misfortunate event. Be Simple, Be Creative, Bee! Sharon.