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  1. I got the same email also. So I responded and this is what I got back from him and it seemed kind of shady.: Hello Thanks you very much for your urgent response, i will like you to mail me the pics, and i have relay it to my client and is very interested in buying it, and i have already explained everything to him about the System and he wants to pay the amount you charged on it He now requested for your Full Name and Address with your Phone Number so that he can make the check for you.because he is paying with a Money Order OR cashier's check which will easy to cash at your Bank. And i will also arrange for the shipping agent who will come for the picking up at your house.when the check clears. thanks for your co-operation
  2. I got my first rig together and dropped them off at the DZ to get packed. Besides packing the reserve they also installed slinks on the main. The problem was that the put the bumpers on upside down. I am not sure how you can do this because there is drawings that come with the slinks. So I pointed this out and I was told that a rigger would fix it ASAP and at not charge. Finally after waiting for them to call me for 3 WEEKS, I call the DZ back and they say the rig is ready. So I drive almost 2 hrs. to get to the DZ to find that absolutley nothing has been done to my rig. WTF. #1 If slinks can not be installed the right way how good is the pack job on my reserve? #2 I lost almost a full month of my reserve pack time that I could have been jumping? #3 And since I don't trust their riggers anymore I will have the reserve repacked by someone else...I can read a drawing so I will fix the slinks that I paid to be installed correctly. So the moral of my story is that I will never again return to this DZ. Too many cliques and you get pushed for tandems even after you have been manifested(I could write a whole different review on that). I will happily drive farther to another DZ or up to Vancouver, B.C. to jump any day.