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  1. This is in reference to post #391 on June 30, 2005 from Sfullerman.......... Happy Bounce Day !!!! 20 years ago yesterday is when he went in and lived. Glad your still around
  2. Roasted Garlic - three or four pods pealed, w'onions, butter, olive oil, lemon pepper and a little hot sauce baked in the oven for about an hour at 350. This will produce one of the most disturbing smells ever made by man or women. So now that you know what I ate.... I was in the back of a Beech 99, three or four minutes from exit. My buddy is on his hands and knees looking out with the door resting on his neck in a full face factory diver. I dropped a biscuit that made its way up front, I thought we might be having problems with the plane with all the yelling in the cockpit. A sick sense of pride came over me as I was viewing the destruction, heads in helmets all the way up and the pilot flying with face pressed to the little window on the side which was now open. But the best part of the whole event was when my buddy ( outside) looked like he had been hit with a baseball bat. He threw the door open and scream at me "how did you do that?" I explained to him it was like bumper pool, you got to play the angles. Of course you know the rest of the story .......exit , exit , exit Where are we?
  3. Do you find it strange that now days they only hold safety meetings once a year in March.
  4. Not sure if you remember me, but you and I have made several loads together. I hit LTU right after you with Jeb Williams , Gonzo, David Miley, and of course Ralph and Dudley. I later moved to BR and hung out a lot with Bubba. I think we might have drank a beer once too..ok it might have been more than one
  5. Anyone know the whereabouts of Ralpher?
  6. Storm Trooper 1983 promoted to Vice Emperor in charge of Substances 1984. Fired in 85 because we ran out. La Tech 80 -83 anybody go to Coll Nationals during this time Boy I 'm sure tickled to see some familiar names in this thread. What I wouldn't give for a Worm Bucket right now.