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  1. My son did his first tandem at 12, my daughter at 13. Both are active wingsuitflyers now at 27 and 24. Nothing sweeter than doing a 4-way with the kids, both smiling at me waiting for the exit count, nothing more terrifying than seeing a cut away main on the same jump and searching for the open reserve.
  2. I have now 11 skydives and 3 base jumps on the Colugo. The set up of the suit for skydiving and BASE is straightforward and intuitive. Flight characteristics were a whole lot different to the Vampires (1 to 4) I have flown before. It took me some jumps to relax and fly with a minimal input. At Brento I already felt natural in the suit. I had very fast starts and better control on every jump. I am extremely impressed by the ease of the pull, for me it seems easier than in a Prodigy. I always was scared pulling from the BOC in a big suit, not anymore Regarding communication and service Squirrel lives up to its claims. I got the suit within a month after payment. On the first jump I got squeezed in a full tandemload. A tandem dropped on my carbon gripper and the gripper split. Instant feedback to my emails. I got replacement within week. At the same time I got the first addition to the manual, warning about the possibility of that kind of damage.
  3. The attachment points on the BMW sport bike are rather flimsy, I wouldn´t trust them to hold a fully loaded gearbag at high speed. That is the main reason for me to use a backpack with shoulder straps and a hip belt.
  4. I am using a roll top, watertight 50 L backpack from exped, adjustable shoulder straps, waist strap. It fits rig, wingsuit and helmet easily and is still fully behind my back. If you use a zippered bag, make sure the zippers are secured, depending on speed zippers on a standard gear bag can open up. Driving 200 miles with that kind of backpack is not a great issue and still a lot of fun.
  5. A year has gone by. Too many of his friends have joined him at the table in that short amount of time. I am missing him.
  6. Definitely, it is a must see. Excellent quality, beautifully made. The only thing I missed in the historical part is "Birdman".
  7. I drive regulalry with my bike to the Dz - via the unrestricted german Autobahn. The setup that works best for me is an Exped Torrent 50 backpack, it fits the rig, a large wingsuit, helmet and a bit of clothing. The rolltop is watertight and secure even at high speeds. Past a certain speed even watertight zippers in zippergarages will open and have to be secured. The size is still comfortable, even when driving fast. While jumping I secure the backpack with a Pacsafe Backpack & Bag Protector - a steel net, that will not help even against a small boltcutter, but prevents the bag from simply being carried away.
  8. Broke the collar bone (the part above the shoulder joint) on exit after being pushed into the doorframe. Continued jumping the next day. Broke the talus (on the fib) jumped 3 weeks after the last surgery.
  9. The table in Valhall is getting crowded. Mr. Prick has left us, no more tongue lashings, no acid comments any more. He was a fun guy to hang out with and a good man to have at your back. I will miss him and his black and MANgenta wingsuit.
  10. You are right pictures are still V3. There are a few other vintage pictures on the website, but I always got the current goods from Kathy. At least price and orderform are already for the V4. I expect an update on the deliverytime though.
  11. Not only coming, it is here! http://www.baserigs.com/docs/products/phoenix-fly/v1.html Is Kathy faster than the Europeans or I did I miss something?
  12. I have one too, past a certain age you have to take all the help you can get. Up to now I have only done "short" flights with it, but even then the realtime feedback is helpful as a stall warning. I already improved my distances with this gadget. If you have the impression you are losing speed towards the end of the flight, the flysight will definitely help. I have more problems to evaluate the data on Paralog, I think that will change as soon as I make longer flights. Walter
  13. I use the shure e3c with foam earplugs and a fullface helmet, totally cancels out the background noise. Would I ever do such a nasty thing as using them for wingsuiting?
  14. The calves of the V3 are notably narrower than on the earlier models, if you are jumping now with heavy boots and crampons you may have difficulties closing the zippers without help. Try the setup before and maybe pre stretch. There is a very instructive review by BBC-Mirko - at the moment in German only, but with nice pictures www.berlin-base.com/transfer/V3_Testbericht.pdf.
  15. Is she already betraying me?