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  1. sharkins

    Vector II

    I jumped a Vector II for two years and had nothing but good things to say about the rig. They are solid in construction and have a very basic design(good for first-time rig owners). Their only flaw is that they are not freefly friendly. They are outstanding for video flyers, pond-hungry people, or RW/belly flyers who want a good, tough rig. Just keep an eye on the velcro and keep on jumping this rig.
  2. Birthday people don't owe beer! People should be buying you beer instead! Unless its a joint effort, then its ALL good... Keg anyone?
  3. haha So i just saw the funniest thing ever. First off, I was woken up by people texting me the otter was back. Now this morning, i saw cartman crying in the window because he was sooo happy the otter was back. haha great stuff... Anyone else completely emotional about the otter being back? I am...
  4. The first one was already completed this past Thursday and it was awesome! Can't wait till summer kicks in to full effect!
  5. I am trying to get my cell phone pics on here but its not working... The bar looks awesome though - I'll describe: Its a wrap around style with a big screen tv and sound system. And, especially for Freezefest... its heated!
  6. haha nice! Was waiting for this event to come around - I wonder whats in store for this year!
  7. (Crossing Fingers) Hoping for good weather. This event is gonna rock!
  8. HOLY! Free jump every hour we fly! Talk about a deal! History will be made on that day! Beer olympics and dodgeball it is!
  9. Gonna be nice weather to be on the beach! is posting Mostly Sunny as of today - Even if your not jumping - its still gonna be a good time.
  10. I was out at the event this past july. It was an incredible place to jump at and just be at. As long as you have the requirements to jump there, Do it! Good people and good times! Rumor around the DZ says that there will be an Otter too!