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  1. Sometimes. I actually teach air traffic control to students at the FAA academy in OKC. Cool job and really get to meet some interesting folks. skyfox
  2. Hard to say, I think the strong possibility of him actually commiting the crime is real. BUT, it is something we will never know without access to the evidence that was gathered by the police and DA. It is over and finished. Lets leave it that way. skyfox69
  3. Were you using some of the rental gear at Pegasus?
  4. You hit the nail directly on the head. skyfox69
  5. In order to add another 2 cents worth, I have been jumping for thirty (30) years and got to say that Pegasus DZ at Chickasha, OK is the WORSE DZ I have ever jumped at. It looked just like Fandango and the dzo runs it about the same. The student equipment needs to be placed in a bon fire and burned immediately. Old, very dirty, full of dust, looks like a cloud of smoke rising out of the equipment when a student puts it on. Altimeters and foam mounts appeared to have been pulled thru the mud and sand by the students when returning to the hangar. Canopies and the lines looked like they were used to keep Geronomo tired up while he was a prisoner at Ft Sill. So thin a blade of grass would easily slid thru the material. This place is a accident waiting to happen. There is not a manifest system in place whatsoever for experienced or student jumpers. The aircraft look like they were flown thru a few flak traps and the dzo has patched the sheet metal every 5 feet or so to keep it together. Got to watch him land dead stick one afternoon, since he forgot to put fuel in the aircraft prior to takeoffl Yep it is neat to see one land, roll out and stop with no sound.!!!!! Most of the instructors have left for other DZs, the DZO has run them off with his mouth. Doesnt have a clue on how to talk to people. All the students leave and jump at other DZs in the state. Sure wish the USPA or FAA would do something, but I doubt if anyone will take action. I've moved long ago to a real safe and professional DZ. Take care skyfox69
  6. Just a quick and dirty on the new Pulse canopy by PD I got to demo the Pulse canopy at Skydive Dallas and really enjoyed jumping the canopy. Some basic info; Total jumps on canopy, 8. Type aircraft, Twin Otter. Weather was nice, temp was in the low 70's. Wind average speed 10-15kts. Sunday morning was windy with the wind pushing about 30 to 40 kts from opening altitude of 3k to about 500 ft. It was about 20kts or so on the ground, but I did not have any problem with landings. Just another windy day in the cowboy state. Wing loading was about 1 to 1.2. PACKING: This was a new 210 Pulse canopy packed in a Wings container. Normally I jump a Firebolt 200 (a hybrid, elliptical) and the Firebolt packs perfect in the Wings. The 210 packed about the size of a 190 and fit in the container a little loose. No problem whatever. The material was very easy to pack and the zp did not have a great tendency to spread out and basically stayed in place once folded. It went into the bag without any real effort. I did not roll the nose, just let it hang. I was surprised the material did not ballon out as most zp will try to retain it's memory. Very easy to pack. OPENINGS: Nice and steady. Opened in about 500-600 feet or so. No searching, just a steady, straight ahead opening. All were on heading and were smooth on the expansion, the snatch force was a little hard and the slider came down easily, no end cell closures. I had one jump that had a line twist, but I kicked out of that easlily. This was probably due to a bad body position as I was tracking away from a 7 way and I remember looking back as I threw the pilot chute. Minor, but worth mentioning. FLIGHT: Super flat glide. This canopy will get you back from long spots if needed. One jump my group had a late exit and was quite a distance from the DZ. I turned the canopy on the wind line and flew with half brakes and covered a lot of territory, making the DZ and still able to fly a decent downwind-base-final leg. Turns were decent and enough speed and bank to make it fun. Brake turns were OK, control ability was excellent. It took an effort to stall the canopy ( had to take two wraps on the brake lines) and it recovered nicely with miminum loss of altitude. Slow flight is super. Front riser pressure was extreme, guess I need to do some curls and build up some arm strength. Good penetration into the wind, except for the one jump with the upper winds howling and ground speed approximately 25kts or so. Basically, the canopy came straight down in the strong wind, as would be expected. LANDINGS: Super. All of the landings were just perfect. Start a slow steady flare and the canopy will swing you forward and come to complete stop. It feels like you are stepping off the last stair and then start walking. No problems whatsoever. I only got to do one calm wind landing and it was just as easy, the canopy shuts down nicely in a no wind condition. Speed on final is slower and easier to judge the flare point. Very forgiving. By no means would this be a swooper canopy. OVERALL: This canopy has some nice features with it's strong point being ease of packing and size. Lightweight and durable. This is really suited for the fun jumper in mind and does just what was advertised. Decent openings, flies and lands very well. I was impressed with the landings, since I am 58 years old, there are no plans for me to enter any swooping contests. Overall score "A". thanks skyfox69
  7. After 100 jumps on the Firebolt 200, I have to say it is one of the best! Great opening (the best I've experienced)and flies like a mini- sport car. I load it 1.12 to 1. Good speed, but you do have to pay attention and fly this one. Great landings and good flare power. Easy to pack. The only negative is the four brake lines, but not bad after you get used to packing and stowing the lines. This is a great canopy, try one, you will highly satisfied!
  8. Sounds like a super time. I'm planning on coming up from Okla. skyfox69
  9. Hey Cory, Great Video, sign me up for the boogie if I can land on a target like that.. skyfox69
  10. Anybody know the difference between the Raider and the Raider Sprint?? thanks skyfox69
  11. Happy B Day Cowboy. Be careful out in West Texas with all the catcus and coyotes. cya skyfox69 aka Dave Netterville
  12. Jumped a lot of different types to include: UH-1 CH-3 CH-53 C-7 Caribou C-123 Provider C-130 Hercules C-141 Starlifter C-5 Galaxy C-152 C-172 C-180 C-182 C-195 C-206 C-208 Beaver Single Otter Twin Otter Skyvan Kng Air CASA 212 I was really lucky in my younger years to jump a variety of military aircraft skyfox69
  13. Cushing or Skiatook. Both have good programs and are top notch. Pegasus DZ at Chickasha doesnt have a AFF Instructor. Good luck with the program and remember to have fun. skyfox69
  14. A super friendly DZ with a professional staff. Pilot is one of the best I have seen. Scenery is just outstanding. Lakes, rivers, foothills and the city of Tulsa once you are at altitude. These folks make you feel right at home upon entering the door. Recommend this DZ for anyone to come out and jump. Sure wish they had a turbine. This is a great place to jump! SORRY THIS DZ IS NOW CLOSED !!!!!!
  15. Sorry having a senior moment. Andy Beck is their rigger and he lives in Enid. He knows his stuff.. skyfox69