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  1. skyfox69


    After 100 jumps on the Firebolt 200, I have to say it is one of the best! Great opening (the best I've experienced)and flies like a mini- sport car. I load it 1.12 to 1. Good speed, but you do have to pay attention and fly this one. Great landings and good flare power. Easy to pack. The only negative is the four brake lines, but not bad after you get used to packing and stowing the lines. This is a great canopy, try one, you will highly satisfied!
  2. skyfox69

    Pegasus Skydiving

    This DZ uses very old and outdated equipment for training students. Some look to have been used in WWII or Korea. Most canopies are Cruislites from the 80s, and the DZO has students packing mains for other students. Aircraft are worn out and need to be put in the boneyard. NO AFF or tandems. Lacking a manifest system. THE FAA SHOULD STEP UP AND CLOSE THIS PLACE. USPA NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING!
  3. skyfox69

    Skydive Airtight

    A super friendly DZ with a professional staff. Pilot is one of the best I have seen. Scenery is just outstanding. Lakes, rivers, foothills and the city of Tulsa once you are at altitude. These folks make you feel right at home upon entering the door. Recommend this DZ for anyone to come out and jump. Sure wish they had a turbine. This is a great place to jump! SORRY THIS DZ IS NOW CLOSED !!!!!!
  4. skyfox69

    need a repack, live in Oklahoma

    check out the guys from Oklahoma Skydiving Center at Cushing, OK. They will do a repack for around 45 dollars or so.. Give them a call.. skyfox69
  5. skyfox69

    King Air At Cushing, OK

    Must be a one man boogie. Oh well. skyfox 69
  6. skyfox69

    Turbo ZX

    One of the hardest opening canopies I've ever jumped. If you like pain and getting spanked this is for you. Packed it every way there is. Three different riggers and packers have packed this one and it still opens hard and fast. Well built and good workmanship; guess it has to be. Flies ok and has a little speed. Weak flair, better have a little wind to help out. Look for a good used Sabre 2 or Pilot vs this one.
  7. skyfox69

    Skydive Spaceland San Marcos

    Really felt welcome from the staff and jumpers. Nice dz with lots of room to land. Large, clean packing area inside and air conditioned. Aircraft, what can I say, Twin Otters rock! This is the only DZ I have been to that has it's own pool on site. Excellent facilities that include a bunk room and a small kitchen. As Arnold said "I'll Be Back"