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  1. any riggers in oklahoma city(or know of any) looking to do 2 repacks let me know thanks thomas [email protected]
  2. thanks for all of your input.. i agree, younever know what dumb ass is going to come out of the woodwork.. and the DZO's are protecting themselves and students when they are 'minor' injuries grimmie.. I am not sure if you are aware, but paramedic's practice medicine. -thomas
  3. Yes, reported angulated fracture of the tibia fibula(tib/fib). He was tansported by the ambulance to the hopsital.
  4. So, I was down in DeLand 27Feb09 and witnessed a tandem pair hit kind of hard after a gust of wind... The TI got up but the student didn't. After about 2-3 minutes I am quite concerned and start heading out to the pea pit. As I start to walk out there the guy that owns the drop zone yells at me to get out of the landing area. As a Paramedic and Paramedic Instructor, I figured someone with advanced medical training is better than someone without to assist prior to local EMS arrival. There was another girl that said she was also a paramedic which he told to get out of the landing area. All skydivers had already landed by this point. Is this normal??
  5. any dz's operating all week(except for deland& zhills)? -thomas
  6. 614 at abes... there is some for 550 ... search google -thomas
  7. I'm planning on attending DeWolfs course in Elizabethtown, PA.. Any one else planning on attending the course would like to share a hotel room? -Thomas
  8. either laziness or they don't have time to pack there is a Federal Aviation Regulation that requires the main(and reserve, of course) be packed within the past 120 days before the parachute jump is to be made FAR 105.43 (a) tom
  9. i had a altimaster III that was 'slow' and sticky for the mechanical altimeters, if any dust, debris, or moisture gets inside of it, it will start to stick, in freefall if it is 'off', it is usually at an altitude you were previously at, ie, your climbing to altitude, your actually at 5300ft agl, it might show 4900agl, then if you 'tap' it, it will jump to the correct altitude. the movement of the needle should be smooth, if you see any 'jerky' movements in it, i would suggest contacting the manufacturer and seeing if it needs to be sent in for a cleaning and a recalibration. our altimeters are very precise machines, we need to treat them as such stevenheld15, did you notice this 'buffer' while going to altitude, or in freefall? -thomas
  10. wardo, you said it was on 'student' right? vigil website: STUDENT Mode The Vigil® activates at 317 meters (1040 Ft) if the freefall speed is equal or superior than 20m/sec. (72km/h - 45 mph) so, if its a 'standard day' at 29.92 inHg, to get the the activation altitude, you need to get it to 28.855 inHg which is a PSI change of -.543 psi i believe if you start going down the road, either make a change, window up or down, or ahve the windows down and get behind a tractor trailers 'burble' the pressure could spike(negitave pressure) to activate it then the pressure equillizes, and it goes off kind of the same thing when the airplane is climbing with the door open, and you stick your altimeter out of the door, it will read a lower altitude(due to the build up of pressure of the air going around the altimeter outside of the airframe) ... does it help any? -thomas
  11. i have a neptune and a protrack. protrack is always reliable, the neptune hasn't given me too much problems, besides its way of calculating speeds at certain altitudes(programmin error) and the its backlight likes to cut off randomly on night jumps, no problem but i would like to add, the neptune i have is second hand verson 'a'(the originial) so im sure its due for a new one I am soon going to get a new visual, i might put the neptune on a mud flap and put a viso on my hand -thomas
  12. blassiter, just wondering, are you planning on heading to suffolk to finish your training?
  13. ... do you want it shiney? or not shiney(aka stealth)? can't be very stealthy with a nice ol'e shiney helmet, now can you?