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  1. US is slightly different to ours. When you get onto fomation skydiving for instance the coaches will sign your logbook either with their licence number if they're also a CSI(or other instructor) or their formation skydiving coach number if they aren't.
  2. As a matter of interest whats involved in the grade system in the US? And to this its mainly due to the dangours of cold weather when they can easily frost over and your not able to see therefore only more experienced people should wear them (as well as B licence you need CCI discretion)
  3. i have an idea - everywhere should be a club like ours - much more friendly! don't hound me i'm only joking i kknow as long as ther'll be skydiving there'll be people making (or trying) money out of it and good luck to them if they can survive on it. personally i don't believe in the extortionism involved but its not up to me!!!
  4. not having been over 10k i'd get well confused at looking at my alti and seeing 12k more than once no doubt.
  5. With the biggest respect and very low experience i would listen to someone like billyvon who sounds like my (extremely experienced) CCI and other equally experienced intructors at my dropzone, with 42 jumps myself and on a fury and planning to be for a long time i think downsizing too soon is killing a lot of people who are far too young to die. Ally
  6. I've only been in the sport a very short time and only done a few jumps but from listening to instructors (opinions) the reason so many people are turning low and killing themselves is they are downsizing to fast. In the good old days (so im told) when people started to swoop it wasn't on small 0P canopies, these people had thousands of jumps on bigger ones before the 0P were even invented. Therefore their canopy control was far superior to people who are starting jumping small canopies with (relatively speaking) few jumps. Maybe people - in my opinion - who are just off student status that should be given more thorough training before they become 'experienced' (british B license parachutists). This although wont completely solve the problem will hopefully educate jumpers more.
  7. By the way i wansnt meaning to be sexist - and i know my spelling and grammer is rubbish so sorry about that aswell!
  8. Recruiting is a dirty dangerous job. Everyone who skydives knows how enjoyable it is - putting that into words for non jumpers is difficult. I've just started recruiting for my University and its all a percentage game - at the freshers fayre got about 200 names interested - had an instrucotr come to talk to people the next week about 50 - if that turned up. Down to do jumps now
  9. I took 26 jumps through the static line progression system and very proud to do so - jumps dont make the man the man just make the jumps
  10. Can i ask as an inexperienced student - does this not mishape the canopy? I'm taking he uses a 0P canop. What packing techniques are used? and bugger me i cant wait to do that (if im allowed!!!)