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  1. So if I understand you correctly: Every swoop start by 270 turn from 623 feet when you are 10 feet from ground you go for the rear raisers for 12 sec then you switch to toggles. You end up standing after 643 feet. Did I got you ???
  2. So where is the transition sweet spot for long distance swoop ???
  3. 10x I still want a Physics answer - like GQ_jumper gave. but as for your answer - if you keep the rear as much as possible - as you need to switch to the toggles - you need to give a lot of input (go deep on them) and this pass is quit brutal (well - my canopy sound like explosion when I did it) - is this true ?
  4. I filled it out... I'm not asking here because I want to try and do it (also i do... ) - but it about understanding the "Physics" ... (The other jumper has 3000 jumps) and to refine my Q: If a pro swooper want to get the most out of his canopy for long distance swoop - will he(or she) use raisers only or is he (or she) will go to toggles after starting the swoop with rear raisers ? - and why ? For general info - my first rear raiser land was on my 16 jump !!! (Well - new assembled container - and as I took the toggles - one stays in my hand - no line connected - and I decided to land it...)
  5. Hi there ! I discussed with a friend about swooping and we raise a Q: Why to go while swooping from rear raisers to toggles ? My friend said that as he tested - the rear raisers give the most distance - with minimal speed impact. I said - the pro are going after the rear to toggles - there a reson for that ... well - what do you say - why to go from the rear at the start to the toggles at the end ? 10x