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  1. Don't put your head where it is not welcome . the unwary got whipped (usually only once) when we used rip cords. Now you can have even more fun with bridles and PCs and your ego .The only footage that jm was getting was the other jm..........
  2. Not disputing anyone's knowledge or method . my thoughts..2nd set of eyes (experienced) ........inflate it on the ground after you believe you have correctly connected the parachute .......work back through your process with the 2nd set of eyes
  3. Not the same game .....SOS was patented for use on piggybck systems .......Frapp Wraps then 3 ring
  4. SOS (Single Operation System) David Smith , Parachutes Australia.Sydney Australia.
  5. Attend to my nylon and rubber ......thats easy .........Do not sweat on my gear .......ever
  6. Not including altis ,gloves , ring (wedding ?) and all the other junk in mains for repair .Urine ! yep ,urine .......Glider pilots rig .You don't 'see/smell' it you just know........4 years later ...I shit you not .......rigger calls me across the floor (Im just visiting this time )"you remember when I told you some of these guys get a bit feral on long x countries ?".....Same owner .......same rig .......
  7. 2 spring to mind ...........one where we assumed the glider pilot pissed on it on a distance /endurance flight .2nd ,the pilot who found the 'seating' of the pilot chute was not to his liking and was able to open ,remove and close same. The pissed on rig reappeared 5 years later as the rigger yelled across the loft ,'ya remember the catspiss rig ?we got another ' it was the same one(we had de stunk Quotethe thing first time )
  8. Very sad to hear the news. Im just a random Aussie who had seen some of her stuff on Dizzy. Condolences to all.Mike
  9. Not what others have experienced.Take us through the whole process you endured
  10. The Ozzies ? you just get off the boat mate ? He wuz married to Harriet
  11. surely they dont screw their dealer network do they ?