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  1. phastasphuk

    F111 vs ZP pilot chute

    My biggest concern of switchig from F111 to a ZP would be going down in size, and at the same time stuff a new slippery pilot into a spandex pocket that have been stretched to accomodate that old bulky F111 pilot. Side note: Since most container manufactures dont make the mains too, do they take into consideration of what main you are specyifying to put in it and adjust the pilot size accordingly?
  2. phastasphuk

    I got the classic Pittz suit and it have served me well. Not a freeflyer me but I guess it does that good enough. I have been using mine for camera and catching up with slower people because me RW suit is phast. Fabric is thin though, so don't expect it to creat huge amounts of drag in spite of the baggy fit. Saying that, they are nice and cool on the ground on hot summer days and with some thermals under they are good for winter too. Big velcro cuffs on wrists and legs, never gets undone. Pocket on leg good for stashing small stuff you might need in plane, good size inner pocket and a small plastic D-ring there to hold your packing band (included ) We have quite a few of them on my DZ, I can think of 6, and all of them have held up good to the abuse. Our TM is using his for tandems, and he has yet made a hole in the butt (now stop that thought!). As said, they are cheap and you dont have to wait for it as they are all stock