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  1. I am not surprised to see this although I am sorry to hear of all you losing money. I tried to warn a couple of new jumpers here in Australia from dealing with this scum-bag, however they proceeded due to his "free this and free that" boasts, they after a long period of time received (most) of the rigs they ordered less a few specs, ie pud PC ect. I first heard of this toad in NZ 7 years ago where I was told of him borrowing a rig, travelling to another DZ, then attempting to sell it. I finally met him in person at the Holiday boogie in Eloy 10/11 while sitting in the plane, the look on my face when he said his name must have given away how I felt about him and the fact I had heard of him and I never saw him again the rest of the time I was there. Unfortunately I did not know things had degenerated to this or I would have personally cable tied him to a flag pole until he could be shipped back to court to face justice (or the people he ripped off could give him a good kicking). I never come on here except to read gear reviews and suddenly remembered he was dealing and thought I would look him up. I just want you to know he was on holiday spending money long after defaulting on people (with his girlfriend whose name I don't know) and maybe you can up the charges to something harsher because if anyone deserves it, its this guy, maybe if he is still missing he could be traced from this point? although someone has probably seen him since. Best of luck. Hass
  2. being small would be sweet i am 93kg with out a rig makes it harder to slow down frree flying you will be able to fly any dimension sweet when you get more jumps. and if you were ever pound in under canopy you dont carry the same inertia hence less likely to get injured.
  3. Looking to stir up some controversy again? or just looking for some attention for your "awsome" achievment?
  4. i would jump a kids pack job i let a hot tandem passenger pack for me few weeks back as they were cloud grounded and bored while we did hop and pops. It looked rat shit I made sure the deployment system was fine jumped it and it opened sweet, better than my own 6 or so pack jobs that day. Packing is not some magical mystical art.
  5. zzzzzz you seem to have all the answers when are you going to build one of your amazing suits instead of rubishing all the current and exelent manufacturers
  6. the world is not a fluffy friendly place like you seem to envision it and neither are nz dropzones. sometimes people need to be held accountable and at time this takes exposure. I bet that was a sick boogie too.
  7. it is simple, those that belive in god generally lack the inteligence to understand the sciience of our surroundings even when it is explained to them by the greatest minds, yet they retain the ability to belive stories thet any one with the proper conecvtivity of the developed mind of 10 plus year old would find hard to swallow (eg santa type of logic ). jesus yeah was probably a great guy and what story wouldnt get a little embelished in 2000 years no doubt. to be honest im drunk and this may not make anysense but i hope you happy clappers are right and i get sent to hell with the other athiests who have posted because self rightious christains or (insert name of religion there) would be so fucken boring to spend an eternity with i would want to do myself in just for the opotunity to join the inetersting ones down below ps please interject rightous people is it possible to do your self in whilst in eternity? pps please pray to what ever floats your boat for my ankle to heal faster so i am not reduced to reading this for entertainment. my final opinion is the world would be beter of if the ballance of power wasnt held by those who held mythology over fact buut i gues over the bell curve of inteligenc the lower half are more easly scared into beliving in dragons/ fire and brimstone than they are being given in understanding in science and one finall one is feed ing the chikens a sin cause im off for a bit of thet right now (does it make you blind?)
  8. cheers certinaly got my "b" that night in more ways than one worth it though no regrets
  9. i do jump everyone who posts here does dont they?
  10. im going to be in san fran for a couple of days from 13th then of to portland for a couple of days before heading to salem oregon for about ten days i will also spend three days in la before leaving. la and san fran will be free. rest of the time i will be on training course during the day. anyone who could help a kiwi out would be gladly returned the favour if you ever come out here. was originally going to go to florida but that got canned thanks to all you flatlanders who replied cheers hass
  11. come on i have to bump myself thats lame. i know you guys are worried about your whole country becoming hot but do i realy have to do a rant about hookers blow and burning your objects to get any atention. all i want is moonshine and some some cute sheep you gguys can keep the former hass
  12. going to be in salem OR for a week then probably florida for a week dont know what dates exactly but any of you locals want to show a kiwi round. cheers
  13. they vary widlly depending on manufacture and make can 2/1.5/3/4/metres as a general rule though the first tower section will be longer and strengthend and then they should all be the same after that if measure one count then multiply however i would prefer to use a laser
  14. i have been taught not to reach as a friend of my mentors apparently cut one riser away doing so but what ever
  15. you should take up paragliding there must be good thermals where you live
  16. this is pretty much bang on i rig tower cranes for ajob they free slew when not in use and it doesnt take much wind or change of direction to move them im not positive on the efect of a swinging mass on the slew as i havnt fallen off yet but they have a lot of inertia so i wouldnt think it would do any thing. and they are occasionally tied down if the potential to hit something however it requires special permission as it opens another big can of worms.Quote
  17. just use the key simple
  18. bugger this dirty little kiwi will be dropping his arse into twin falls some time after 10/9 i think i will have a talk to jonney utah
  19. hey brin that looked spicy love the look on your face hows things in warmer climes later hass
  20. Ive starterd dooing some risser landings under my tutor lately and ahve just started nailing the turkish power band. Sweet