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  1. Hey Tom, I was one of your instructor. Thanks for the jump, we had a great time! Keep jumping, that was an wonderful jump, you have a great future skydiving, there is so much to learn. I am always open for questions, if you have any, please ask me. I hope i can jump with you again! Rodrigo Bianchini D-30154
  2. Thanks for the jump! Keep doing the great job! I am sorry I did not have my camera, I wish I could post some pictures on my web site, Belgiun is a beautful country, and has friendly people, I had lots of fun jumping there! I hope to be back in Erope next year... for sure I will jump there, what we can do is try to get a few guys that are interested in learning a litte bit more about skydiving and I can coach bely flying, basic canopy flying and introduction to free fly, as I love teaching I will not charge for this. Rodrigo.
  3. BianchiniR

    Skydive The Farm

    Hanz and his staff are friendly and professional. The camping area is Awsome! The landind Area is HUGE. Instructors are great. I recomend! Try their aniversary boogie, the last one was $25,00 registration and jump as much as you can. I love that place. Rodrigo B-27816
  4. Here we go! It was too big. See you guys.
  5. Hi! I am sending an ad with pictures, serial numbers, etc to all DZ and Riggers in US. I hope who got my gear try to sell or jump it. If he tries, I will get it back, My reserve due last week, it will need a repack, no rigger in US will repack without knowing this was stolen. Thanks for all support guys. I hope to see you guys soon... in a blue sky!