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  1. (R-Max 188)This reserve rocks, it saved my life and was fun to ride. No problem with the flare. I just had a bigger canopy to ride. Past experience was a Para-Flite swift plus 225. I will definitely by another one.
  2. I love this picture!
  3. Thank You! To every one who posted an answer! I will try this example, and repair my turbo-Z.
  4. The latter will probably cost you just as much as paying someone to do it right in the first place. And meanwhile, you don't have a canopy to jump for a long time. I am a senior rigger and would like to gain his knowledge for myself.The manufacturers use professional seamstresses to construct parachutes. Is this the type of experience I need. Must I de-construct an old parachute( my example is one).
  5. Requiring specific knowledge may even be counter productive when more people "think" they remember how something is supposed to work (they did pass the test) and then do it wrong based on their faulty memory instead of reading the instruction manual because they know they don't remember. I believe that the USPA would be in a better position to enforce their regulations hen the FAA. When is the last time you saw a representative of the FAA? The USPA is also more current on parachute equipement.
  6. How do I get some Canopy sewing experience? Not just patches. I have a turbo Z which needs a whole top-skin panel replaced. I also need to repair one of the ribs. How do I acquire the skill/technique to do this type of repair?
  7. filioque


    At the time of this review, I have 200 jumps. I’ve jumped a mix of demos throughout my time skydiving. I have jumped a Manta, Sharpshooter, Cruislite, Falcon 235, PD 9 cell (210), Turbo Z (225), Sabre (210), Sabre 2 (190), Fusion (190), and Stiletto (190) . I bought a Nitron 170 (loaded at 1.3) to have a lot more fun, and learn swooping. I custom ordered my Nitron from the Skydive Store. I hooked it up, and set the brake lines with an extra inch of slack. Flight impressions (Comparison to a Stiletto 190): My first jump was a terminal opening at 7500ft to check it out. The openings on this canopy are wonderful, nice and soft, heading on every jump. Toggles turns are very responsive. I performed various control tests at altitude on toggles and risers, practised some flares, and intentionally stalled it a few times. Front riser pressure was very similar to a Stiletto. Recovery arc is just a bit longer than a Stiletto as well, and speed at neutral full flight is faster. Overall, it reminds me a lot of a Stiletto.
  8. many of those "dragons" are PARAFOILS which is what we jump. The main shape of the kite is a "wing" the extra fabric is what makes it "look" like a dragon.
  9. I have started jumping my new Precision Aerodynamics Nitron 170. I can not believe the range of flight this canopy has. Slow, to super fast. My last canopy was a Fusion 190. Does anybody have any helpful comments. I love this canopy and would love to become an expert at flying it.
  10. I disagree, is there one manufacturer out there that uses robots? The auto industry does. With my solution the number of patterns is reduced to enable "robotic laser cutting". People would then inspect and add the variations to the canopy to make it the desired model. This would reduce costs.
  11. The goal is to reduce the costs of manufacture. To make Skydiving for novices/ intermediate more affordable and easier to choose. Spimplifying production could yeild as high as a 50% cost reduction. Hwoever if the canopy "sucks" no one will buy it.
  12. lands better opens better yup - because it's got 1500 jumps on it yours for $500 - because it's got 1500 jumps on it I only have one, but it is for sale! it's a Xaos-21 (100 sq.ft.) QuoteThis is exactly what I am talking about.Make a canopy model, call it the Acme for name sake. One plan form, i.e. smei elliptical. Make different "tuned" versions. Acme "main" would be Zero-p, "cross braced" and have a "steeper" trim. Acme reserve would be f111 "small pack" , Tso C23d (250 mph 300lbs). The canopy would offer different "options" for crw.
  13. Look at kites, they still fly, yet they look like anything you can imagine, from dragons to building. What if your canopy could look like a Dragon?