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    help needed

    im running in competition for MTV Adria show pimp my ride. So all of u who have facebook would u take a minute and click LIKE button in this link http://www.spedenaj-moj-avto.si/si/competitors?c=Uros-P&cid=1229 . Everywote counts. thnx thnx for your time and help
  2. excelent as always BTW-if anyone has some pictures from the BD drinking on friday let me know if ui can get hold of them somehow? thanks for the organizers to take a minute for Mike and Dave
  3. the Slovenian secret weapon, that had to report to airtrafic control, which sended him to make extra turns and thats why his result didnt came on the GPS, othervise ... :)
  4. the vent was again a great experience to all bird people that were there. Thnx for the hungaryan team for putting up event like this. pool was excelent One sugestion for next year - as u added a category for the treckers, if there is gonna b more people on semi same suit, make a category also for them. I think that someone flying biger suit can easly overfly others, aldo Peter from Hungary showed that he can jump on his BM Blade almost the same as other people fly big toni or PF wing suits. best regards to all - if someone found a drunken person under the bar and took it up and not throwed her/him in gather thnx Csaber thnx again
  5. moustly i want to c what is the difference in size of the arm wing. couse it looks like a blade with bigger wings, is the leg wing also biger i wonder
  6. does anyone have the picture of Tengo bm in air, or even better Tengu and Blade together in air. Could b also on the floor one on the other.
  7. o.k. this year we need to find some way to take the first frice from hungaryans. Any ideas - opened to everything. c u there, and does the serbian girl comming - Ana, r u comming sister. jetra su mi propala, bubreg mi je u .. bla bla bla bla bla
  8. ups, they did it again base ciganyz managed to pull it out again and prove to everyone it was worth to visit them. The vine testing was just a big cover up to get people (ME ) drunk so that we (i) couldnt over peform one of his guys - im watching u next time guys. International mixture of pilot is what everyone can wish for, and to top it all up, there was Jarno who made it possible for me to fly in 8-9 people formation and of 4. i was missing those f..ck the fins - where were u lads If enyone is questioning, did the hungaryans managed to get Kaboca drunk, so that he couildnt fly in morning, they did, lucky bastards.... hope to c u soon, and if any pictures r out there in which im not behaving, toss them or send it to me ;) hope evryone managed to get home safe including Ana with no main ;) - just found this http://www.trackingderby.com/en/ranking-suit.php
  9. jupija


    im not gonna b in germany, but in hungary 4 their ws boogie, competition
  10. uhhhuuuu, u punks sell the gps, couse after my flight with my BLADE i dont need it, couse i realize i ll overfly u, over track u ;)
  11. jupija


    ej this suit really rocks. It s my second BD ws and after having a skyflyer for a long this ws really suprised me how easy is it to handle. On my first jump that with it i can say i wasnt trying to perform anything, i was trying to find the sweet spot, and did some turns... and with no problem i got 75 km/h average fall rate. And what is really interesting is that i was able to strech the legs all the way (if i did that on old ws, i got unstable); look on the leg wing is really huge. Can hardly wait to jump it from a clif.
  12. jupija

    ITW Jun 7-10

    mikki r u going to b around? or do u know of any swiss that ll b there and r planing to go back to swiss on saturday night or sunday night, need a ride to swiss, anywhere will do, its a small country- do u swiss stop to a hitchiker who looks like me, like an angel ;)
  13. jupija


    i didnt mean the one u showed me and question to admin. does no naming police also goes for nonexsisting sites, that r to b build edit for site information ~TA
  14. jupija


    highest building in Swiss - info pm
  15. so anyone out there around Basel from 10.-18th june (micky, moritz...) from 18.-20.6 arounf frankfurt, Kassel and from 20.-22.june Paris (Ludo, did u already did what u ere talking about) anyone thanks
  16. plamen hope u had a no boring ride back home, sorry for over wrok from my side check this link myair, easyjet, ryanair... and other europe low cost its the same as bus ticket or less
  17. if u r talking about that short guy... noone is missing him, ,u just keep him over there ;)
  18. Mr-B if u r lucky the u ll b ablet o speak your native language with a skydive girl from Budapest, she speaks Serbian
  19. u punks, cant wait to get there with my new birdman Blade ws. Hope that golaz will b better then the last one i had there ;); and that u have some beers in stock for me - u know i dont ask for much - , aja plus the chicks - should i bring something 4 that antena close by?
  20. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7866929448192753501
  21. jupija


    movie about her jump in Mali from Fatimas heand will b played on Slovenian mountaniring/sport festival on saturday - if we r talking about karin Hollekim
  22. im sure Kitty is still around Ton Soy beach near Krabi, nice 120 m overhung cliff
  23. jupija

    nps - question

    just wondering if one is to climb something in NP and then jumps the E, would that still b air delivery, or could u get by saying is just the way of transport down the ropes ... + your self, that u didnt need to walk, or even better that u used the canopy as rescue , couse u sleeped and fall. Maybe sounds stupid, but how could they proof u didnt slip froom e, and if they would charge u for saving your life with base rig. or what if climbers would start to use canopys for all the stuff they have to cary down.
  24. jupija

    ITW Fatality

    didnt thought i will c his name on the memory tower just before exit on ITW and on nicks list...