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  2. QuoteI am totally going to throw a temper tantrum cause I can't be there Why?? Rocky Horror Boogie= The biggest gay boogie of the year. On the tracking jumps they pass around a dildo.
  3. erikzero


    I jumped with pip in 2003 and I was not impressed. Thats just my opinion. Glade it worked out for you.
  4. Glade you all like the vid. Thanks for the comments.
  5. QuoteIf that was me standing on the edge and somebody grabbed my legs through the railing I'd try to kick myself loose too. YEA!! That is what I was thinking! I would punch people in the face, gouge out their eyes at that point. Odds are if made it off he would have got caught anyway as soon as he landed. At least he could have went to jail happy.
  6. QuoteI'd rather be a good skydiver all around than be a good RWer or Freeflyer ONLY TRENT!!!!!! You need to learn NAKEANAUTI! It's not like ATMONAUTI. I know how much you don't like to say that word. Try NAKEANAUTI, you might like it. SAY IT!!!!
  7. thanks walt i will look into it
  8. I need help also. I got a new pc duel core viiv with 2 gig I have premier pro 7.0 & It does not work. when I click the icon it starts to load & the right before it opens the pc reboots. It works fine on my p4 machine. My after effects works fine. Has this happen to anyone?
  9. Who wants to do some NAKEANAUTI jumps this weekend? Oh, that will be with cheese also.
  10. YEEEEEAAAAAA!!!!!! The hell with 180mph. GO BIG!!!!! Put on a pair of cement shoes & do 300+mph without a rig. The cement will break your fall. 180mph is for kids. I can go 500000mph naked backwards eating a cheese sandwich. I call it NAKEANAUTI With cheese.