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  1. I'll be getting there on Thursday. Is there camping at the DZ or are you all staying at the hotel they recommended?
  2. I'm surprised there's not a big thread about the MOAB boogie yet, it's next weekend! Is anybody going from here?
  3. Stilletto-babe, I'm assuming you are the same Amber Lynn that works manifest at Skydive the Rockies. Your profile also says soon to be DZO, are you taking part of that business? Either way, if you are working manifest there please feel free to give me a call to talk about this. I left my number with you on Sunday, or PM me to get it again. If you convince me I'm in the wrong, or if Bob chooses to talk about it then I'll gladly retract my negative statements about your business or at least add that the "rigger" addressed my concerns, even if just to disagree with them. So far, your post is the most I've heard (assuming you are the same Amber Lynn at manifest). To address your question about not taking my gear to a DZ, I assumed that taking it to a rigger/DZO was a safe choice. I have learned from this for the future and found a rigger near Denver I'll be taking my gear to (still not at a DZ - not all rigging lofts are DZ-located).
  4. It's actually not frayed, it had melted and hardened around the hole --- kind of like if you burn the end of a shoe lace the way that hardens.
  5. I am in the habit of popping it when I drop it off, and did so in this case. With it on I make the motion of pulling the cutaway handle but don't actually do it, then actually pull the reserve handle. I got into this habit as soon as I had my own gear. I admit I didn't sit and inspect the bridle after popping it but I feel like the hole and black marks would have stood out to me. Even if I didn't pop it, I trust my old rigger very much and know his attention to detail which is also enough for me to "know" he didn't put it in like that. Again, if the "rigger" would return a phone call or answer the door I'd be able to ask him these questions. The combination of not knowing he had my Cypres back from SSK then not returning my calls -- I've only been able to talk to the manifest girl and pick up my gear from his wife, the fact that my rig was sitting on the floor with his 2 dogs running all around it (I'm a dog lover, but not when mixed with my open skydiving container), then finding the burn in the bridle are all factors to me. Also, I know that somebody playing the part of DZO/instructor/whatever else can't talk in the middle of a jumping day, but should be able to talk after or on a closed weekday. I really started this thread to find out what I could do about my missing Cypres and my situation escalated from there. Also thanks to the people who sent me PMs with info about good riggers in my area. And Peregrinrose, I will try to talk Kevin into getting his riggers ticket, that'd be sweet!
  6. I was trying to be mature about this and keep names out of it but it's now obvious that I'll be doing a favor to skydivers in the area by letting them know to not take your business or gear to Bob Pierotti of Skydive the Rockies. Also, maybe having his name on here will motivate him to tell his side -- I'd sure like to know it. Yesterday I showed up at his house to talk about it. His truck was in the driveway, windows open, and music on inside but he would not come to the door. I guess I'm more intimidating than I know I'm guessing for a couple hundred dollars I can get a new free bag and bridle and have the rigging work done to reassemble it, so I should just cut my losses, I'm just not good at getting screwed over without even the chance to find out what happened.... how do you burn a hole in a customer's gear on top of having it for 6 weeks not even knowing the Cypres was back and not at least speak to them about what happened?
  7. The Cypres is back --- they had it but didn't know it. I chose to pick up my gear without them putting the Cypres back in or packing the reserve. Glad I did, I wouldn't want to jump with a burn hole in my reserve bridle.
  8. I was semi-joking in the previous post about my gear perhaps not being airworthy after sitting with the dogs at the DZOs house, but it turns out it did get screwed up while it was out of my hands. Check out the pictures attached showing burn marks and a large hole in my reserve bridle!!! ohh this situation just makes me more and more angry. I know for a fact it was not like that when I dropped it off.
  9. I just got my gear back, I think it was Stratostar's reply that scared the rigger into submission .... though I still haven't thoroughly looked it over to make sure it's still airworthy. Since his dogs were running all around my gear when I picked it up I'd like to make sure my nice white reserve hasn't been yellowed. Turns out he's not even a rigger, but I guess since all he did is take my rig apart that doesn't matter. He didn't even have the decency to speak to me about my gear, when I finally got a response it was from the manifest girl, who requested I pick it up from the DZOs house before 4:30, when only his wife would be home.
  10. I need some advice here: I dropped my gear off to a rigger 6 weeks ago to have my Cypres sent off for the 8-year check and a reserve repack. It was my first time using this rigger since I recently moved, but he's also a DZO so I had no doubt I could trust dropping my rig off to him. After 5 weeks of not hearing anything back from him, I e-mailed to ask the status of my gear. This is the response I got "Sorry about the delay. Cypres services are estimated to take two weeks but definitely take longer during the busy time of the year. I will find out the status and let you know what is going on. " After hearing nothing more for a couple days I decided to contact SSK myself. They have amazing customer service and responded to me within an hour with details about when they received my Cypres, service time (2 weeks exactly!) and a tracking number for the return shipping! The package had been delivered back and "left at door" meaning nobody was there and no signature was required (DZOs choice??) I forwarded this information on to the DZO to find out what was going on, have e-mailed several more times, called his home number, and the dropzone number but I have received no response. The manifest girl says "he just went to the plane" ... right. My only guess is the Cypres was left at the door and was picked up (stolen?) by somebody. Since I'm getting no response, what can I do? At this point I just want my gear back and we can work out what happened with my missing Cypres. I'd drive to the DZ but I don't even know if that's where my gear is since I dropped it off at the DZOs house. Maybe I should show up at the DZOs door to get my gear back, but he'd probably not answer just like he's not answering my e-mails and phone calls.
  11. I just moved to Colorado a month ago and I love it! You hit it right on with the mountain views and lack of traffic
  12. I'm coming to LA for the week and thinking about coming out real early on Sunday so I can get in a day of jumping at Perris. Does the jet always fly on the weekends?
  13. We're helping the economy one pack job at a time!
  14. This is Scotty Carbone..... organizing possibly the sexiest RW jump ever...