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  1. I have an all white wingsuit. Although it does get grubby very easily, despite that it stands out in the sky very well. The white reflects all the light. You can't see the dirt on video. I would get a white one again.
  2. This is why I read The History & Trivia section is so much better than all the bitchin' and whingin' elsewheres. That was p.o.e.t.i.c. Cheers! Love the stories from the olden times
  3. I think this is a fair, proportionate, and reasonable response: AhahahahahahahahahAHHAHAHAHAHAHA! You seem to have this ridiculous idea that tracking means forward movement with the torso parallel to the earth. I have never been on a tracking dive where that is the case, and I have been on plenty that are not too many degrees from head-down. I quote from the document: "Atmonauti position: objective is to achieve head-on relative wind (or a custom “tube”) at an angle of between 30deg – 75deg to the ground, with horizontal movement in relation to the ground, whilst searching for lift with the torso - freeing up the limbs to achieve hand grips and foot docks." That's a tracking dive sunshine! I don't wish to dissuade you from all your effort in continuing to try get it recognised as a separate sport, because its just too funny for words, please continue...
  4. Jesus walks into a hotel. Says "can you put me up for the night..."
  5. I'm with y'all on this one. Cock it 3 times. Packing Paranoia Pays.
  6. what is small and can't turn round in a corridor? a baby with a javelin through it's neck. what's the most horrible thing in the world? stuffing 12 raw oysters inside your elderly granny's fanny and sucking out 13.
  7. Closer - NIN. Beautifully romantic. Love it.
  8. Trampolining and curling are Olympic sports, and I have to say that I find this a bit funny, especially curling. One might as well add darts to the list of Olympic sports. I think there must be some aspect of skydiving that could be included as an Olympic sport, especially with the wide range of different disciplines skydiving offers.
  9. In the Uk we might also say "she's a ten-pinter". I.e, attractive after just a few beers...
  10. Well, there's always the classic 'lets see how long i can drive with my eyes shut' chestnut. Works best on nice, straight roads, not the crappy little ones we have in my part of the uk. I still managed to count to 10 though...
  11. I did an unstable exit today - working towards my category 8. Apparently I fell like a homesick anvil, which I kind of like. Any other anvils out there?