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  1. First off, you may not know the whole situation! That's what is really upsetting...there were many things going on behind the scenes that were never reported. She did not break almost every bone in her body..she broke her pelvis? Femur? And obviously her face. Am I saddened that a fellow skydiver..that started at my DZ got horribly hurt? You bet! But, to say that the people posting negatively are just jealous is just plain stupid. I have nothing to be jealous with her about. I've recently retired..I'm living on my IRA..I just put myself thru school to get a new, better paying job then what I was doing (a cop). I have health insurance. If I f-ed up and bit the ground...all I would want is some visitation at the hospital. It's MY RESPONSIBILITY to take care of my own injuries!! The problem with Shayna's media attention getting is a. the whole story is not being reported, b. it's the "I screwed up and I want Uncle Sam's Golden Spoon to feed me, clothe me, and take care of me" syndrome, c. The skydiving community is hurt over this situation. Sorry...I ain't paying for the bills. I'll offer rides, help with housework, etc. Again, though, I have no sympathy due to lots of behind the scenes info that was not reported. Well, let me modify that. She was the student..and led down the wrong path. THere were many warning signs that could have been heeded...but chosen to be ignored (whether intentionally or not). Don't aire your dirty laundry on national tv...
  2. Ok, now granted, I'm no expert by any means...but I've watched this thread go on and on at our local internet website... It was apparent that she had a problem with one of her toggles to begin with...which could have been easily corrected. So, she chopped it... Looks like to me that it's the exact same scenario...on brake un-released? Or a toggle that was let go of? It all comes down to the training IMHO. It just wasnt there. I know the instructor..and others involved..I jumped with this instructor..but I NEVER heard, nor understood, my reserve to be a GUARENTEE! There are no GUARENTEES in life... It just saddens me that instead of asking INSIDE the skydiving community, those involved have taken this OUTSIDE the skydiving community..with potentially damaging results.
  3. Well, first, I just wanted something local to go run out to...but I'll just order from a parachute supplier... Now, as far as ParaGear goes..they'd be down on the list. I ordered my Protec helmet from them, and they FORGOT MY ORDER!! Two weeks and I called them, and they said "oops". Yeah, oops! I just ordered a set of glasses goggles and gloves from square1. They were very friendly, talked my head off! AND, they shipped SAME DAY!
  4. Is there any "local" store that sells rubber bands used for line stows or locking stows? I was running low and tried Office Max, but they had nothing that was close...anyone found a store that had some (besides ordering from Paragear or similar)?
  5. Perhaps you could do this: Make a deal with the seller that if you win the auction, you reserve the right to release funds based upon approval from your rigger. You have the seller send the rig to your rigger for approval BEFORE you buy it. If it passes, send the money! If not, have rigger send it back to the guy and let him try and resell with the feedback..
  6. I kinda put a detour by saying the dytter option.. I really want it for the convience of the glasses and not have to worry about goggles fogging, etc. THEN I'd put the protrack/dytter into it...
  7. OMG! This is exactly what I've been going thru with my new Spectre 230! I resorted to paying packers to do it. I finally have struggled getting it into the bag..PHEW! I feel your pain! And I sweat like a pig during it! I've found that if you trap the left side hard against your leg, and use GENTLE pressure with your helps..and putting the BAG AROUND THE CANOPY, not vice versa! However, I'll practice repacking some was looking pretty ugly going into the bag...I'll review some of these tips. Although, I'm keen to trying the psycho packing..there are a couple of jumpers from Siloam Springs DZ that swear by it...
  8. I got my suit from ParaChi and love it... I fall like a the swoop cords in it..very baggy and slowed me down to around 125..I can keep up with floaters if I remember to dearch at the beginning of the jump, the price was only like $200 or so... (I am not an employee nor investor with ParaChi..these are my own opinions)
  9. I've gone back and searched for helmet topics. I've got 110 jumps, and have used my trusty Pro-Tec helmet and googles. I wear eyeglasses, and I just don't like how the googles smash my glasses.. I also would like to start wearing an audible, either a Pro-Track or Dytter...hence my quest for a full-face helmet. I was looking at the Havoc and the Mamba from Bonehead. I know there are other full faces, like the Oxygen A3, Italia Z1, etc. I'm wanting feedback on what helmet you use, likes/dislikes, but more importantly, how they work with your glasses! This will be a retirement gift to myself..I'm retiring out of law enforcement after 20 years to be a skydive bum lol...
  10. I don't know...the video that was made of the 20 way BFR I was in has some good voice footage already on the video. I want to incorporate that into my own personal movie. I like hearing music watching the videos. What I've done is incorporated music..and turned the volume "up" on the music and "down" on the video..basically, I'm covering up the music already dubbed on the videos given to me and dubbing over my own. Make sense?
  11. Ok, so, let's say there's narration on the already existing video. I'm playing a song...but I want to hear the comments on the video..then come back to the song? How do I do that? If I get that..I think I'm golden!
  12. Ok, I'm getting the hang of Moviemaker... Some of my videos already have music set to them. I want to put the video into my own movie, with my own music. How do I go about doing that?
  13. Again, I don't have my own DV camera... I have some jumps that were dumped to DVD by Superfletch and Nick Kime...and a couple other buddies. Will Pinnacle make a movie together with already made movies? It seems to just want to be able to d/l from the camera. I can't seem to figure out how to get the movies I d/l'd to my hard drive to get into the Pinnacle software
  14. Ok, so I have a ripper. I have Pinnacle 8.0 and Microsoft Moviemaker. Pinnacle is designed to take the video from your camera. I can rip video and make movies with Moviemaker...however, I can't attach my own music to it and make it fade off at the end of the video clip :( Unless there is a suggestion on how to do this :) Anyway, is there any particular software that is really good at tying video clips together to make one movie?