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  1. I'm responding to this post because it is the last in line... I have judged at collegiate nats the last few years and have to say that Bill has always taken the best interest of ALL of the competitors to heart. The spirit of the competition is what keeps the same folks working the meet year after year- NO ONE involved is trying to get rid of the competition (unless my mother got a hold of someone and asked that her daughter and son in law were returned to family holidays :). It is a learning event for many and the host DZ often provides pro coaches at no costs to the teams. If I remember correctly -one of the problems that arose with the grad student issue is how to define "full time". The undergrad students have to be carrying a full load of classes- but Grad programs vary with their requirements and length. Are the people signing the petition asking for anyone taking an college course to be eligible? If that is your intent then please include that when you contact the CC- just to be clear. If you have a good idea of how to judge what a full time grad program is include that as well. A couple of the great things I've seen in the last few years of judging collegiates are low timers - I believe it was "Team 69" that entered two way- between the two competitors they had 69 jumps- or the first time a jumper has approached a tuffet... from that to watching 4 way teams turn 30 + points clean is an amazing way to spend the holidays. Hope to see more competitors than ever in at Spaceland this year! PS- since by the time we get to know a lot of the students they graduate- it would be fun to have the grad students back...even if they come to coach/judge/volunteer... :) "If you're not on the centerline -you're out of control"
  2. Ian- Glad to hear you guys are coming out again- is katie going to be at the dz as well? Can't wait to see you guys! "If you're not on the centerline -you're out of control"
  3. Magicguy is right- Jumptown is proud to have a good airplane and pilot. He might not know the "why" but the vibe there is all about safety and it is talked about on a regular basis. The airplane is well maintained. It spent the first 35 years of it's life being meticulously maintained by the Norwegian Airforce. It came to the state about 4 years ago and had an extensive inspection to receive its C of A. It is one of the few jump Twin Otters to have less than 20,000 hours on the airframe (around 16,500?) and even though it has -20 engines they are well below TBO and had HSI within the last 1000 hours. It is not shipped to a corrosive envirement to try and make a few measly dollars in the winter- it stays home and only flies on nice weekends. The owner is an A&P and has owned and operated Twin Otters for 20 years. The owner and one of his pilots also have attended a maintainance course at Pratt and Whitney in Canada to better understand the engines. Every bit of knowledge helps. Flying this great plane is a pilot with over 11,000 hours that has been flying jumpers (for the same club) for almost 20 years. HE is a very active flight instructor during the week and a no nonsense guy. Things you WILL NOT see at JT are buzz jobs, low passes, racing the tandems down, rolling over for that "great exit shot". The airplane is there to provide a stable, safe platform for skydivers... nothing more. It is not a "ride" at a carnival. The pilots that fly the Otter at JT all attend a 3 day ground school each year- followed by a proficiency check in the air and single engine and emergency procedures practice. JT also sports a brand new, state of the art fuel farm that is sampled and maintained on a regular basis. All of these things add up to reducing the risks in this sport. IS it enough... who knows but it is better to start off with the odds on your side. So- Magicguy should feel pretty good about where he jumps. I'm glad that the "new kids" are learning some things are more important than being "cool and groovy" "If you're not on the centerline -you're out of control"
  4. depending on what type dives you are planning- I made a set from the 4-way and 8-way competition draw to use for judging. I enlarged the pictures from the comp manual, cut out all the rnadoms and blocks and put them on magnet backing (you can find it at craft stores- sticky on one side/magnet on the other). Many white boards also hold magnets- find a small one. "If you're not on the centerline -you're out of control"
  5. rgoetsch

    would you...?

    Already did- Jan 4th, 2005 I gave a kidney to my friend. He was on dialysis for a year before the transplant. It was a no brainer. Life is no different for me now and he is doing great. Should get his FAA medical certificate back in the next couple of months. (He's chief pilot/mechanic at SKydive Dallas- it would help to be able to fly! :) My FAA medical was not effected and I passed my Class 2 in March 2005.(three months after surgery) My husband also volunteered but I was the correct blood type and he's the bread winner in our family. It is a lot easier to be a " tissue match" than people think. If anyone wants more info on donating- PM me. "If you're not on the centerline -you're out of control"
  6. Two more days.... Where else can you hang out with your friends, make as many jumps as you want out of great planes (Super Otter and Caravan), eat all day long, end the day with a BBQ and beer all for a "donation" of your choice and $20. jumps. Oh ya- on a Wednesday! I've got 81 people signed up right now- with rumors of more not confirmed yet. There is still time to get on the list- send me a PM and I'll include you! Details at www.loonair.com/jfu "If you're not on the centerline -you're out of control"
  7. Well- we only got 2 rounds finished becasue of winds but it was a great time anyway. We got to hang out at a really nice DZ, meet some cool people, get a VIP tour of NASA, cheer up some kids that are having a rough time and listen to some great stories. If you get the chance to spend some time with Lou Sanborn- I highly recommend it. We got to hear some great stories and find out how things really got started in the sport. From what I hear- our judging staff has volunteered to be ther next year (The meet is going to be at Spaceland from now on)- which sounds great to me. Hopefully we'll get to judge a full meet. Thanks to Steve and Conrad for putting on a good show! See ya there next year! "If you're not on the centerline -you're out of control"
  8. October 29th-30th Don't be scared to compete in a fun, weekend long event without leaving your own home DZ! Just the FAX: # The draw will be taken from the USPA dive pool and will be limited to three or four points. (2 blocks or random /block combinations) # The draw will be posted on www.loonair.com Saturday, Oct 29th at 8AM EST. # Directions for posting scores and other rules will also be available on the website. # Two days to complete 4 rounds. Teams can repeat the same dive as many times as they like and only submit their best score. # Each DZ may have as many teams as they like and jumpers may be on more than one team. # Judging will be done on the honor system by Team captains and/or local judges. # Top four teams will submit tapes for review. (details to follow) # Scores will be submitted by 9 PM (EST) on Sunday, Oct 30th Prizes: the respect and recognition from your fellow formation skydivers that you deserve! :) # NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Pick Up a team Saturday morning or start practicing now to compete against teams from Texas, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Ohio, North Carolina and who knows where else! Please send an email to: [email protected] to register your team. Include your team name, dropzone, city, state and one or two team members that are allowed to submit/make changes to your team scores. For more information pls contact: Rose Goetsch at Skydive Dallas ([email protected]) or Brian Smith at Connecticut Parachutist, Inc "If you're not on the centerline -you're out of control"
  9. When we moved cross country I did not put my cat in a cage. If you can get to a Petco or something get a cat/small dog harness and a light weight leash. I just had her free in the car but was able to contain her when I stopped for gas or something by tieing the leash to something. I had my husband to help as well- if you hae a passenger this could work for you. My cat was a lot happier sitting on my shoulders looking out the window for 27 hours than she had ever been on short trips in the crate. Just use caution- cats can squirm out of the harness even when you think it is too tight- and dont leave them unsupervised in the harness/leash. Also- keep a roll of paper towels in case it pukes...i did not have that problem but it is better to be prepared. :) *** Um, any tips on transporting a nervous cat? UnimpressedUnsure "If you're not on the centerline -you're out of control"
  10. It depends on how much your dz flies. We have an 8 or 10,000 gallon fuel farm but we get deliveries a few times a season. unless you can hold a lot of fuel you dont have the luxary to only purchase once a season. *** $6 to get on the plane and $1 per 1K Alti. Skydive Ogden has a Tanker and buys the Fuel when prices are at the lowest (From what I understand) If a DZ does this and raises the Prices in the middle of the Season when they have already paid for the fuel then in my opinion it is just price gouging.Mad But I have no Idea what other DZ's Do. I am just grateful I jump where I do :) "If you're not on the centerline -you're out of control"
  11. Maybe a Caravan pilot can reply but the dzs that I have worked at that flew Caravans did not do climbing hop and pops. The pilot is responsible for every person in that plane and everything that falls out of it- it is in their best interest to not have anything take off the tail of the plane. I thought it was standard procedure to put in a notch of flaps and level off to change the pitch of the plane and bring the tail up before the hop and pop exited. It cost the DZ a minute at most and could save 15 peoples lives. "If you're not on the centerline -you're out of control"
  12. I'm forwarding this info sent out about Skydive Dallas 4th of July Boogie- See ya there! -rg Hi Everybody! 4 DAYS UNTIL THE BOOGIE! We'll, it's only 5 Days away. Our annual Fourth of July Boogie is better than ever. We just added the Southern Cross DC-3 to the flight line for the event. It will fly with as few as 18 jumpers, and gets to 13,500' in just 17 minutes. It has the lightest possible airframe and can take 36 jumpers to altitude at 1,000' to 1,500' per minute with it's twin 1500HP engines! It will hold as many as 45. So if you ever wanted to jump a DC-3, but didn't want to bring a book to read on the ride to altitude, here's your chance! Go to http://skydivedallas.com/exp_events.htm and click on the Fourth of July link if you'd like to see a picture of the Southern Cross. CASA AND SOUTHERN CROSS DC-3 ADDED TO THE FLIGHT LINE! Everyone loves a tailgate aircraft, and a nostalgia jump or three from the DC-3 will certainly be a good time. Combine this with our own Super Otter and Super Caravan, and you have a near perfect flight line! CASA - Holds up to 32 jumpers - Huge Tailgate Door - Raft Dives and Specialty Exits! DC-3 - Holds up to 45 jumpers - Porch for 8 - 1500HP Engines - Nostalgic! SUPER OTTER - Holds 23 jumpers - Yep, it's our own Short Bus! SUPER CARAVAN - Holds 15 Jumpers - Upgraded Engines - Climbs like a Super Otter. ORGANIZING FOR ALL DISCIPLINES AND ALL LEVELS! Our own DOG's will be organizing: 4-Way to 6-Way Beginner/Intermediate RW 6-Way to 12-Way Intermediate RW 12+Way Advanced RW Formation Loads Team VIBE, Johnny Kuczaj and Kris Tangie will be organizing: Head Down Dives Sit/Freefly Dives Tracking Dives Brett Bradley will be organizing: Raft Dives Toy Dives Head Down SATURDAY NIGHT On Saturday night, we are having a catered meal from Jones Family BBQ. The price for the meal is $8.00, and includes: Turkey, Beef and Sausage with onions and jalapenos, etc. Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, Baked Beans, Rolls Iced Tea, and Banana Cream Pudding for dessert. The Band A-hummin' Acoustical Acupuncture will be playing from sunset until 11:00 on Saturday night. Here's a link to find out more about the band: http://www.sonicbids.com/epk/epk.asp?epk_id=17948 I'm told that if you liked the Spoonf Fed Tribe that was out a few years ago, you'll love this band. Shoot your own fireworks will be allowed in the field south of the hangar. Please remember to clean up the debris if you're going to shoot fireworks. That area becomes a skydiver landing area again in the morning. SUNDAY NIGHT We'll have our own fireworks display on Sunday night. Everyone last year seemed to really enjoy the show. We'll also be serving hot dogs and chips during the show. The Fourth of July Boogie was our biggest event last year. With the addition of the Southern Cross DC-3 and a CASA, I think we'll have even more fun this year. See you this weekend! Joe Rekart, General Manager Skydive Dallas, the BEST Skydiving Center in Texas! You can find us on the Web at www.SkydiveDallas.com. - or - Call us at 1-800-SKYDIVE or (903) 364-5103. "If you're not on the centerline -you're out of control"
  13. BENNINGTON -- Richard L. “Rik” Hustler, 57, a resident of Dudley Place, Bennington, died suddenly Saturday, April 16, 2005, at Jump Town in Orange, Mass. Rik died of natural causes following a day of skydiving in Orange. Born in Hoosick Falls, N.Y. on April 8, 1948, he received his education in the Hoosick Falls schools. Rik married the former Hattie Aldrich on April 11, 1975 at the First Baptist Church in Bennington. In earlier years, Rik had been employed at various jobs in the Bennington area. At the time of his death, he was employed at K & K Car Wash. An avid skydiver for the past 30 years, Rik had jumped in Orange, Addison and Duanesberg, N.Y. An avid outdoorsman, he enjoyed hunting, fishing and horse riding. He also drew sketches, painted and liked reading science fiction. Survivors include his wife, Hattie Hustler of Bennington; a son, Darby Joe Hustler of Fort Myers, Fla.; a daughter, Wensdee Camp, her husband Brad and their daughter, Leia, all of Brunswick, Ga.; an aunt, Marjorie Varley; and a cousin, Nancy Meek, her husband John and their family, all of Greenwich, N.Y.; and several nieces, nephews and cousins. Rik was predeceased by his mother, Virginia (Hall) Hustler, and his grandmother, Mary Beadle, who helped raise him from an early age. Memorial services celebrating the life of Rik Hustler will be held from the Mahar & Son Funeral Home in Bennington on Wednesday, April 20, at 2:30 p.m., with the Rev. Norma Drosky, pastor of the First Baptist Church in Bennington, officiating. Friends are invited to pay their respects to the family at the funeral home on Wednesday from 1 p.m. until the time of the service. Private committal services will take place at the family lot in Glebe View Cemetery, South Londonderry. Contributions in Richard L. Hustler’s memory may be made to Jump Town, for the construction of a sky jumping center, through the office of the Mahar & Son Funeral Home, 628 Main St., Bennington, VT 05201. Published in the Bennington Banner on 4/18/2005. Guest Book • Flowers • Gift Shop • Charities "If you're not on the centerline -you're out of control"
  14. I'm sad to say that long time New England- New York jumper Rik Hustler passed away yesterday -very unexpectedly- of natural causes. If you are interested in details of the service- this was sent out by the manager of Jumptown- Orange, MA Services for Rik Hustler will be Wednesday, April 20th. Calling hours will be held at Mahar Funeral Home on Main Street in Bennington, Vermont from 1:00-2:30 with a short service immediately following at 2:30. A gathering after will take place at the "Talk of the Town" restaurant and pub also on Main Street in Bennington. Please do not bring any food. Everything is taken care of. I do not have the street numbers but Hattie says neither place is hard to find. Depending on the weather and how the week goes for Hattie we will be doing an ash dive at Jumptown late Friday afternoon/ early evening (April 22nd) and having our own Memorial Service. I will send out details on that and when exactly it is going to happen as soon as possible. If you can't make the service but would like to send a card Hattie's address is Hattie Hustler 33 Dudley Place Bennington, VT 05201 "If you're not on the centerline -you're out of control"
  15. http://www.rtmodels.com/products/TwnOtter.htm Edited by slotperfect to make the link clicky. We gave one of these kits to an RC enthusiast at Jumptown (Orange, MA). He has it built and engines on- it almost ready for its first flight. He did really nice work and actually measured the floater bar and jump step to make sure he made them to scale. He did have to add struts- the kit did not have them. "If you're not on the centerline -you're out of control"