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  1. I want to buy an Icarus Crossfire 2. Problem is im is South Africa. I am looking for a reputable dealer that will ship the canopy to SA. Respect my authoritah!
  2. Heatwave value is about R1000 ~ R2000 (ZAR) That is about $140 ~ $280. Why would you want to jump a highly elliptical platform? Do yourself a big favor and get a Pilot. Respect my authoritah!
  3. Mr.g

    Favorite Sayings

    "It's always better to sacrifice your opponent's men." "An isolated pawn spreads gloom all over the chessboard." "The blunders are all there on the board, waiting to be made." "The winner of the game is the player who makes the next-to-last mistake." "The move is there, but you must see it." "All rook and pawn endings are drawn." "Tactics is knowing what to do when there is something to do. Strategy is knowing what to do when there is nothing to do." Savielly Tartakower on chess Respect my authoritah!
  4. Can someone please post a decent quality clip of the race so that I can download it. Video streaming is not big in Africa. Respect my authoritah!
  5. Top 3 worst of all time: 3: Dr. T and the women 2: Walking Tall Starring "The Rock" 1: Walking Tall Starring "The Rock" Respect my authoritah!
  6. Last night I saw Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. The entire skydive scene can be classified as a movie mistake. - Her first jump was a solo freefall jump - She also managed to pull the reserve handle and get the main. I see I am not the first person to spot this: I was wondering how many other skydiving movie mistakes you have spotted. Respect my authoritah!
  7. Finally someone has decided to make a movie based on my life. Respect my authoritah!
  8. Check out this link: And this one: Basically it seems that we have hit the peak oil production and that demand for oil now far exceeds production. I am no economist but I think it basically means that: - The yanks will bomb more oil producing countries - Jump prices will go up Better lean to base jump. Respect my authoritah!
  9. Check your leg wing inlet. I know of at least one other GS1 where this inlet was not open. Respect my authoritah!
  10. Hello, Can someone please: - post photos of the DZ - comment on accommodation at and around dz - comment on possibility that the jump ships will be on the dz - tell me more about the weather during the boogie time in Stupino I would hate to make this trip and end up sitting around on the dz because of bad weather or aircraft shortages. Thanks. Respect my authoritah!
  11. Some stills from my video. Respect my authoritah!
  12. You just gotta love those Porter exits. Im still flying that flock in my head. Imagine if birds were tickled by feathers - Steven Wright Respect my authoritah!
  13. What I am moaning about is that your website store shows not stock of anything. This is always the case. See the attachment. It would be nice to see what is in stock on the website. Respect my authoritah!
  14. I have been waiting for a change to bitch about this: Every now and then Aerodyne runs an ad on or sends me a mail that says “Big stock sale -> click here”. And when you go to their site they don’t have stock of anything. I’m guessing their stuffs sells very fast. They are currently also sold out of everything. While im at it: wtf is “Fall 2005”? Respect my authoritah!
  15. Vortex II rigs and in fact all the ParachuteSystems products are very popular in South Africa. On my home DZ I would say at leaset 50%+ rigs and canopies are ParachuteSystems products. I have about 300 jumps on my Vortex II. The rig is very well made. I use mine for wingsuit and freefly, never had any problems with it. I have seen some complaints on the forum that the reserve can be tricky to pack so that it looks good, but my rigger does not seem to have a problem with it. Also check out the Hurricane canopy from ParachuteSystems. Respect my authoritah!
  16. How do you stagger the break off of WS flocks on night jumps to avoid canopy collisions during landing? Respect my authoritah!
  17. What line should I buy to make long lasting closing loops? Check on this page for options: Thanks. Respect my authoritah!
  18. I did my first jump on a GTi as did 2 of my friends. We all had in the region of 300 jumps when we started. I have never had my pull jammed by the GTi wings which is a big concern on the S3 especially for beginner pilots. I love my GTi and will jump it for at least another 100 jumps before I upgrade. Respect my authoritah!
  19. From the Aerodyne Icon manual: “The maximum force exerted by the bridle on the curved pin must not be more then 6 daN. For Safety the minimum force exerted must not be less then 4 daN." 1 daN = 1 deca Newton which is about 1kg You can use a fish scale to measure this. Respect my authoritah!
  20. Pilot is an awesome canopy! Respect my authoritah!
  21. Mr.g

    ZP EXE

    The ZP EXE is a very nice canopy. I have done more than 100 jumps on mine. Openings are very soft and on heading. The canopy is easy to pack and very durable. The ZP EXE has got a slightly faster decent rate than an Aerodyne Pilot of similar size but it has better flair characteristics. The canopy inflation is consistent and I have never experienced a stall or canopy collapse. If you “DROP OUT THE SKY” on a ZP EXE it is because you have pulled the cutaway handle. Respect my authoritah!
  22. Hello, Your setup looks great. Is that a Sony .45 Wide angle lens? I have a lens like that but I have not jumped it because it is so big. I am worried that the mounting will get damaged. Are you using the same converter ring that came with the lens? Cheers Respect my authoritah!
  23. Hello, What setting on Program AE do you use most for skydiving camera work? Is there any use for settings other than Auto or Portrait? Cheers. Respect my authoritah!
  24. Thanks! Respect my authoritah!