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  1. Wouldn't say it was a major issue but something worth bringing up. Done a tandem video jump without any issues. Canopy flight was fine and done my usual 270 for landing. As I came off rears onto brakes with a slight crosswind towards to end some how my front left riser got wrapped under my gopro mounted on the front. Wind was steady and inflated my canopy and nearly took my head off. Was so close to cutting my helmet away but someone near by unhooked it for me. I was very shocked at this as was so unexpected but the force that it had on my neck as the canopy inflated was crazy
  2. I think I will not bother with moving my break lines up to a ring through the slink purely because Im more than happy with where they currently are and have no effect on my front riser inputs. Don't see the point in changing something I'm comfortable with
  3. What exactly is the benefit of doing this? Does it have any pros and any cons?
  4. So I've just started flying a cross brace canopy that being a velo 103 and everyone has their own opinions and personal choices but I'm interested in people's comments on the characteristics of the canopies on today's market. My velocity review is the openings are so unpredictable but once it's open has a lovely steep flight angle and powerful flare. Are their any canopies that have similar characteristics flight wise but have better openings??
  5. Right chaps "n" currently jumping a katana and love what i get out of it but seriously thinking about moving onto a crossbrace. Ive done just under 1000 jumps and love my swooping. Ive pushed my katana to the limits, into wind, cross wind and down wind when its been pretty breezy, landed on rears after a brake line snap. I know i can fly it whatever the weather in any situation but want to step up. Any feedback/advice much appreciated. Currently jumping Kat 120 loading approx 1.9 to 2
  6. That something that we used to do to old worn out large sized Sabre1s. Really, though, I wouldn't do that to a Katana, that's a quick way to end up on your back spinning towards earth. Every Katana I've jumped I packed neatly and with a normal pro-pack. Every Katana I've jumped has opened very nicely that way. Ive packed many many many Katanas and up untill about 6 months ago had never jumped 1. i do think though that depending on how they are loaded depends on many different aspects......e.g lightly load it and they are forgiving, bulk it up and they twitch like hell. trick is tho, dont look and dont touch and u wont get wrong. sounds like a relationship but it works
  7. thats a fair reply. u do use my eyes but sometimes i look as my audible goes and think "that doesnt look right" so abort the intended swoop but with 2 devices it re assures
  8. When performing a HP landing do you rely on ur audible to tell you when to go or your audible and visual alti? Just wondering as i used to rely on my audible but now have a viso 2 to double check and feel so much more re-assured now
  9. I was wanting to test jump the x frire 2 and mamba. People said to me try the Katana but others said keep away. I jumped the Katana and now have 1. Providing you have a nice stable spread for opening and try not to look at it opening then its fine. Its flys amazing with long range for getting back from long spots. It dives steep (i do a slow rotation) with a fairly long recovery arc then it really takes off for the final surf. I load mine at 1:8. I will stil try the mamba and x fire but am loving the Katana
  10. Yup, she Certainly is! She got me a New 2K Composite with drift HD170 and a Viso II :-) Happy days
  11. i guess its pointless if ur not flying ur canopy to its potential. Just i seen a vid off a mate who had a RDS and it snagged hwen he was jumpin a velo 79 and it looked messy, want to know more about it
  12. As im not sure exactly how the RDS works im after info, is this system a high risk snagging point? Also, can RDS be used on any system?
  13. Ive been practicing swooping now for the past 250 jumps or so now but cant seem to quite master it. When i first started o done 90's then 180's and so on so on. My 90's and 180's were fine but when i went on the 270's i started lapsing. Initially i done my turn high and gradually brought it down. I finally got the right height to do my turn but i never seem to get the same result! i;e, leveling out too high etc etc. i always keep the same patern for landing but cant seem to get it right anymore, any advice??
  14. I agree with you 100% Tom. On many occasions i have sent people back to get a certain part of kit etc and have also made people partially de kit so i can see if the cypres is on.
  15. I put abour 50 jumps on a raider 220 just after i came off student status and really enjoyed flying the canopy. For my experience (at the time) it was a nice canopy i though.
  16. We won the appeal, the application for the wind turbine was rejected and Peterlee Parachute Centre will stay on the Map :-) Yeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  17. QuoteI am here in the United States. How is my signature going to help you in the United Kingdom? I will never vote in your local elections. You might want to start a grass roots campaign with locals in the area. If you get a bunch of signatures from people who make a difference in elections they will be worth way more than a bunch of signatures from a skydiving website.*** The way i see it, every little helps. I we get objections from people involved in the sport then it may help, it may not but its worth a try!
  18. AKS build balls for barings. (comercial company) Its only just came to light that the council considering going ahead with their request for a wind turbine.
  19. Unfortunately, our local DZ is under threat of closure. I dont know how to add links to the site but as a community i would appreciate so so much if people could visit and go to forums, select Peterlee and go to Petition. I know alot of you are not uk skydivers but we dream the same things and love the sky so please help by going to the site and downloading a petition form. E-mail it to [email protected] If you are willing to help, please do it as soon as possible as the final decission will be made by Tuesday. Many thanks Brumby
  20. Btt, I love canopy so have no intentions of buying a new 1.........not for a long time anyway. I will just accept the Sabres openings and deal with them how neccessary as and when.
  21. Ive recently got myself a new sabre 2. I pack the thing the same way every time but my opening are never the consistant. Sometimes it will open beautifully and others it opens with either a left 180 or 360. Its never spanked open but im wanting to try and stop the turs if poss. Any suggestions?
  22. i have some pics but u havnt got a clue how to upload them onto the pc lol. Im not the best with computers
  23. Brumby

    Which Watch ?

    I second cocheese. they are anoying, expensive things. I just use my mobile phone when wanting to know the time :-)
  24. Well, i made a nice purchase of a TSE Viper (Teardrop) It was, as i understand, manufactured for speed diving. It had thicker cut in laterels with holds the harness much tighter to your body to prevent any movement etc. With that i have a freefly pad and love it. Alot of people are purchasing these for that sole reason :-)