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    I have about 50 jumps on my new Pilot 150. What a great canopy. She loves to turn and the flare is smooth and responsive. My previous canopy was a Spectre 170 so there was a quite marked change what with the obvious faster approach and flatter glide angle. But no problem landing whatsoever. Compared to the Spectre, the openings were even smoother and the turns were WAY sharper. This is a really nice great fun canopy.
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    skydive Radio

    Depends a lot on the guests, though it's always interesting. The 2 shows interviewing Bill Booth were outstanding, the Brian Germain interview was also great
  3. tnscorcoran

    Dropzone in wales ? Looks like Silver Stars. Though not far from Netherhaven which is supposed to be fantastic, if a little up their ass about non-bpa jumpers