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  1. You were there in spirit ... and in a largish photo ... and you owe Lizziebean 2 drinks!
  2. I have 50 new pendants made special for the Prairie. You can see some at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sky-High-Pendants/106610489427935 The rest you will have to come and see at LP!
  3. Skeeters = Mosquitos Just bring some repellant and then something to soothe the itchy bites. Hmmm, maybe skeeters are boys.
  4. from: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Meadow-Peak-Skydiving/157204727667449 "The big news is we got a permit from the State to have a full bar, liquor and beer, on the property throughout the boogie. We will have at least two different food vendors for a better selection of eats. The 40'x60' enclosed tent will be partitioned so half will be the bar area and the other half for eating, watching videos, and general socializing. It looks like we may have live music for some of the nights and maybe a DJ on others. We are setting things up so all spectators and unregistered individuals have to leave the property everyday at 8:00 pm. This will hopefully take care of the problem we have experienced in the past with unwanted townies. Any comments, ideas, suggestions, are greatly appreciated."
  5. 4) Too many f*cking Canadians Trust me. They are much more fun than the celibate ones. Well duh! Amazon Bob Moore Dr. Dive Grannyinthesky Happychick Kdub Ladydyver Lucky Markus (Little Spoon) monkycndo NWFlyer Sheepfucker Shell666 Skootz Tall Guy I will be bringing many Sky High Pendants for another Parkinson's Disease fundraiser. If you want to custom order colors or styles let me know. Grimmie you did not add yourself to list. Can't take another year? We have a poker game to play!
  6. http://www.youtube.com/user/VASSTTraining#p/u/2/4jK9c1wvO9k I'd like to know if you need to turn it on before each jump or if it shuts off after x number of hours?
  7. Hey Doc, we are stopping in Spokane for a night or 2 on our way to do a bit of shopping. Can you recommend a place/campground where we can park our rv? You can pm me. THanks!
  8. Skootz, my organizing gene has failled. Any chance you can pm a copy of your spread sheet?
  9. Gheeze I miss Errol's brilliant stories. They were the best part of the old CSPA chat.
  10. Amazon Bob Moore Dr. Dive freeflir29 grannyinthesky hcsvader Ladydyver k-dubjumps monkycndo NWFlyer rnicks Shell666 Skootz Happychick, Sky High Pendants are you going to bring the giant jaeger bottle againThat's Shannon's bottle ... I'm sure it will be there! Yes, we will bring the Jaeger, and I am looking for more fun toys. I think Barry should be searching for more cabanas to build an island!
  11. The old landing area is the best for daytime entertainment purposes! It makes tent orientation very important. Any idea if the skyvan will be there? I understand a helicopter will be available..... Shannon
  12. Oh, my heart is so full. Ken was such a fun, caring, and kind person. He will be missed by friends near and far. Damn. Shannon
  13. . Oh have no doubt we will be there, wouldn't miss our 5th anniversary and can't imagine what Tall Guy would write about me on the tent. Sorry no beer involved! Just a dumb assed landing on my 2nd jump of the year after 8.5 months off. Sometimes, rarely, but sometimes being Canadian can suck = WINTER!